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  1. Thanks a lot Hooovahh and ShaunR, When I display the graph the range is limited to the last 1000 points on the X-Axis, Where as I want the complete data to be read and displayed (Starting from time (x) = 0 till last point of the x-axis)
  2. Hi, I created a Binary Data file that stores cluster data. It is a cluster of 3 element.. 1. Unsigned byte - 8 bit integer 2. Double - 64bit real 3. Double - 64bit real This cluster of 3 elemetes is actually represented in the form of a waveform graph w.r.t time which I saved as a Binary File... (For the .dat file click here http://www.mediafire.com/?u4c1y9iho2b5qoe ) Now I want to read this binary file in labview and display it in the form of a graph. I cannot post the VI for creating the binary file because It requires Control system, Fuzzy toolbox but here are the parameters I used Byte Order - Little Endian See the attachment for my try for reading the binary file... Please help me with the reading of the .dat file I linked above If there is anything I have to tell, let me know Thanks read.vi
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