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  1. Hello, I frequently use the SMTP email functions in Labview to send out machine maintenance information from our shop. Recently, some of the computers have been changed to a wireless network connection, which hasn't been the most reliable and stable connection. I'm wondering if there is a way in Labview to test the connection with the network before I try and send out the email. The problem is that I don't get an error if the network is down and the smtp function runs, therefore my program thinks that the email went out, when in fact it didn't. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, I do a lot of data acquisition, but I'm not too bright when it comes to networking/web. Thanks again!
  3. Please excuse me if this question seems not too bright. But I'm wondering if the Labview webserver is accessible through the web from anywhere or just on a local network. If I run a vi with the webserver enabled at work, can I access it from home if I have the correct NI software installed? Should I be able to just type into Internet Explorer, for example: http://mycomputer/myproject.html? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Just wondering if anybody out there has done anything with Labview involving printing out a report with a barcode readable by a standard barcode reader. What I'm attempting to do is with my program I have written, it generates a workorder number, and the operator inputs pieces, etc. I want to be able to print out a report to go around the plant with the product, and once the product gets to phase two, have an operator scan my report and automatically fill in workorder #, etc. Please let me know if I'm out of my mind. Thanks!
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