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  1. -Hi I have several versions of labview installed. I have several instrument drivers that I am using for each instrument driver. There appears to be a linking problem with the instrument drivers I am using. It works when I click the llb from windows explorer, but it can't seem to find it from labview environment. I tried copying it over, and placing it in the directory... it doesn't seem to work. Although, I think I know what the problem is.. the installation saved several instances of this driver at different locations. So, when I opened it from a different location it broke the l
  2. nightdweller


    You can search for it... if you have the ni motion toolkit. It's under Ni Measurements->Motion
  3. Thanks, Alessandro. I was kinda looking for something like a read-only attribute.
  4. I want to be able to lock a VI, and prevent a user from editing it. Meaning I want the user to be able to view the VI, and prompt for a password if they need to modify it. Any suggestions or ideas would be great. Thanx,
  5. I'm using the ATI All in Wonder video card. I'm sure there is a very simple solution, I just can't seem to find it. This seem to work... I tried this, but the wierd part is that it still gives me two of the same image.
  6. It's really okay, we all start off at some point. Although it looks like you moving fairly well as of late.
  7. -Hello Lava I understand that a NTFS/FAT32 machines allow filenames to be 255 characters long. However, I noticed that some cd/dvd burn software does not seem to let me burn filenames that are that long.. even though windows XP is okay with it. Just wondering if there is a magic number out there that is safe with all burn software, or if there is a work-around? Thanx
  8. Nothing specific as of now . I just wanted to play with a new tool, and was just wondering what the LV community use it for.
  9. -Hello Everyone: Has anybody here worked with VMware before?
  10. Anybody ever try to get different wallpapers on multiple monitor systems? Or even the same wallpaper to multiple monitors. I am trying to to this, but it doesn't allow me to. I extended this so that windows xp desktop is on two monitors.
  11. Just fiddle with this some more. So far, it does not allow me to do what I mentioned above. The only thing that is preventing me from accomplishing this is the "resource descriptor." I checked the property node, and it does not allow me write to it. I currently have it set to control one gpib device. Although, I have several similar devices, and want to control all of them. Is there a way I can accomplish this? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanx.
  12. Hello Everyone.. Woohoo!! Let me first celebrate!!, #50 Baby :thumbup: I know this is a configuration problem, don't kill me because I know this is a LV forum. It's also my first time experimenting with IVI drivers, so far I don't really like them. I was just wondering if I can use one driver session, one hardware asset to control multiple instruments(Similar) on a GPIB. It seems like it's not possible by RTFM. But hey, I was just curious if somebody did it.
  13. Lou, Thanx. You're right, as far as I know there is no way to change the legend text colors other than the method you suggested.
  14. Jason, Here you go. It didn't look to good, but just connect the control(switch) to the indicator(led).
  15. Hello Everyone, I have SCXI 1001 chassis containing several scxi modules(1160's & 1127/1128). I also have an embedded controller, DAQs, DMM, FG, etc. Currently I am trying to make sure the DMM works with the scxi 1127. I suspect that it is not configured the right way. Should the scxi 1127 module be placed on slot 12?
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