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  1. Well, I can´t still imagine how to do this like you wrote. Could you attach some program here. Thank you
  2. This toolkit I use it is perfect, but I would like to set up the threshold parameter automatic and no manually. But maybe this is quite impossible because when the ECG signal will not be very nice the program will be confused. So, I think that the better way will be set up the threshold manually.
  3. Hi everybody, I would like to create some algorithm or function for automatic peak detection from ECG signal, but here is the problem because I don´t know how to start. I have detected peaks thanks for cursor, but now I would like to create something new. Is here anybody who has any idea? Thank you very much.
  4. Finally I did it The range min, max had to be inserted with local variable. I don´t know why
  5. Hi guys, I would like to use SQLite API to read and plot very large data. I have learnt how to select data from db, but I don´t know how to change range so that I couldn't stop the program. I have tried event structure, while loop, but nothing works. Could anybody help me with that? Thank you very much.
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