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  1. Joining an I32 with a U16 returns a corrupt result when the U16 source is a cluster. No coercion dot warning, may indicate that LV doesn't automatically handle the different data types on a join function at all.

    Workaround: use a U16 to I32 converter before joining the numbers.


  2. Hi all,

    I noticed that functions such as "File/Directory Info" and "get file size" can stall seriously if a network path (e.g. \\\share\file.txt) does not exist, because that particular machine is down. :angry:

    Does someone know of a faster way of determining if a remote machine is up, other than pinging with system exec?



    I've noticed the same issue.

    I worked around this problem by pinging the remote machine before trying open a file.

  3. The boolean array will show (bitwise!) where the data differs, you can check this after every conversion made also have a look at the length's of both converted boolean array if these differ by 32 you are reading the length of the data as well

    One addition in the not-working state you can skip the first type cast and how does you're endian conversion work on 15000 csg's?

    Note that a boolean in labview is actually 8bits. I would typecast the double array into an array of U32's then convert each U32 into a boolean array using the Number to Boolean function if you need an array of booleans.

  4. All,

    I've worked a little on the LV SQLite Example I uploaded yesterday, and I found a much better function in SQLite to execute and retrieve all the data from a SQL statement. As such my DLL now has three functions exposed to the user, Open, Close, and Execute. Take a look at the reworked examples to see what I mean.


    first of all, nice job Chris, I think that this wrapper can be fairly useful, since sqlite3.dll makes lv8 think it's corrupting it's memory. :thumbup:

    I've been playing around with your example, and one thing I noticed is that the memory usage continues to climb. Not sure where the memory leak is.

    Run LV SQLite Read Database Into Table.vi in continuous mode, and you'll eventually run out of memory.

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