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  1. Joining an I32 with a U16 returns a corrupt result when the U16 source is a cluster. No coercion dot warning, may indicate that LV doesn't automatically handle the different data types on a join function at all. Workaround: use a U16 to I32 converter before joining the numbers. join-bug.vi
  2. siva, I'm using a ControlLogix 5561 Controler R16, with a 1765-ENBT/A Ethernet Bridge. Any possibility of getting EtherNet_IP_CIP unlocked ?
  3. FYI: RTX can be insatalled on Windows XP SP2, but not onto Windows XP 64bit.
  4. Has anyone been able to run the LV RTX on Windows XP SP2, and/or Windows XP64 SP2?
  5. That's exactly what a polymorphic vi is for. Yes, you do have to create a bunch of VI's (one for each type), but I think it'll be faster then any varient type casting.
  6. 5minutes... I wouldn't complain, my application takes about 30-40minutes to build (3000+ vi's)
  7. I'd like to see RDA back for use with DAQmx. I'm hoping a future version of DAQmx / MAX will include RDA. :clock:
  8. Is it possible to access NI-DAQmx hardware via NI-VISA remotly? I'm trying to do the samething you can do with Traditional DAQ and RDA Server. I'm using: NI-DAQmx version 8.0 NI-VISA version 3.6 Thanks
  9. just a suggestion: You may want to move the popup message outside the loop. If you have two or more duplicates you will only have one warning message.
  10. sysinternals, the company which makes portmon, is now owned by microsoft, so I'd download the tools while they are still free.
  11. If you cable is too long, you will not be able to use a higher baud rate. 19200 baud = 50ft max 9600 baud = 500ft max
  12. I've noticed the same issue. I worked around this problem by pinging the remote machine before trying open a file.
  13. Note that a boolean in labview is actually 8bits. I would typecast the double array into an array of U32's then convert each U32 into a boolean array using the Number to Boolean function if you need an array of booleans.
  14. Thanks for the idea. I've got it kind of working except all email are going into the SPAM folder automatically.
  15. I'm running LabVIEW 8.01 LabVIEW 8.01 handles data type conversions differently. When converting a Double (36611.0) to an I16, the value of the I16 is maxed out Binary (111111111111111) When converting a U16 (36611) to an I16, the value of the I16 is the same value as the U16 in Binary (1000111100000011) Download File:post-3342-1155160832.vi
  16. I'm trying to send emails from LV8.01 using gmail's SMTP server, which uses a TLS secure connection. Are there any alternatives to using OGIC or the built in LV SMTP vi's to send an SMTP email? From what I've been testing, both do not handle SSL/TLS autentication. :headbang: any suggestions?
  17. Is it possible to get a ctr+c,ctrl+v,ctrl+x keydown events from a tree control?
  18. first of all, nice job Chris, I think that this wrapper can be fairly useful, since sqlite3.dll makes lv8 think it's corrupting it's memory. :thumbup: I've been playing around with your example, and one thing I noticed is that the memory usage continues to climb. Not sure where the memory leak is. Run LV SQLite Read Database Into Table.vi in continuous mode, and you'll eventually run out of memory.
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