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  1. The above said application is meant for an industrial automation project pwhich runs 24/7.
  2. Hi, Thanks all for the valuable reply. Just want to add one more point about my LV RT application. I am running total 10 different timed while loops in parallel for different processes; out of which 3 timed loops are running at 10 ms (1 loop for data acquisition), 3 loops at 20 ms and remaining loops at 50 ms. Can a good quality Desktop PC converted to as an RT target handle these many fast running loops?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I meant if I buy "LabVIEW Real-Time ETS Deployment License Bundle for Standard PC's" (NI P/N: 779751-03) from NI and convert a desktop PC into a Real Time Target and deploy my application.
  4. Hi, I have a LabVIEW real time based application. Currently I am using PXI 8108 in RTOS mode with following cards: 1. PXI 6259 2. PXI 6514 3. PXI 6723 4. PXI 6608. While running my Real Time exe (developed using LabVIEW) in RT 8108, the CPU usage is 8-10%. I am not using any timing and synchronization feature of PXI. Can I use a high quality desktop PC converted as real time target along with PCI cards for this application? will there be any issue related to performance? Thanks. Himan
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