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  1. Last Friday I came across a strange and very annoying problem with the LabVIEW development environment. I am working on a project of a customer. Last Friday, while debugging it suddenly asked me to enter a name to log data when I stopped the program. I cancelled it, but the next time I tried to start the program it asked me again, and when I cancelled it stopped with a popup message like "Cannot log front panel of VI. There is no log file associated with VI ...". Google came up with this message, which suggested that menu option Operate->Log at Completion was enabled. And indeed, it was, but greyed out, so I could not disable it. Hm, something seems to be corrupted. So I checked older versions of the program - all with the option enabled and greyed out. Then I restarted the LabVIEW development environment - but without success. Then the computer - didn't help either. Then contacted NI support. They hadn't heard of the problem, but suspected the VI was corrupted. They suggested to disable the log option by copying the block diagram into a new VI. And indeed, the option Operate->Log at Completion was disabled and not greyed out. Problem solved. Nevertheless: - How can an option be enabled and greyed out? - Why didn't it start logging before? I have run many versions of the program many times, at different computers - even NI support has run it, and didn't encounter the log file storage question. - And why has it gone away? I started an old version of the program (with the option enabled) this morning to describe the behaviour, but it didn't ask for a log file anymore. Greetings, Bart
  2. Hello Naity, Thanks for your advice. I have succeeded to create a project containing conflicts. Greetings, Bart
  3. Hello Naity, Thanks for your reply. I have to look into this a little further. By the way, do you have a LV2011 version of your conflict project? Greetings, Bart
  4. Hello all, I need a problem ;-) I am working on a VI Analyzer test that tests if the VI's containing project contains conflicting project items. To check if this test works, I need to create a project containing conflicting items. Does anyone know how to accomplish that? Greetings, Bart
  5. I thought I was close to a solution, but I didn't realise it was *that* close: about two meters Thanks, Mathijs!
  6. Hello all, No answer yet. Maybe I didn't describe it that well, so I'll try again. I have a MainSequence (see below picture), consisting of some sequence calls, some functions and some labels. The sequence calls contain subsequence calls. What I try to do (in LabVIEW) is to reconstruct the sequence from the provided Sequence Context. I have a list of all sequences in the sequence file (in this case MainSequence, SequenceA, SequenceB, SubSequence1, and SubSequence2). However, I can't get those exact names from the context. I have retrieved a lot of names (sequence, step, step type, adapter key, adapter display names - see below picture - don't worry, this is prototype code, I'll clean up when I have a solution), but none of them are the exact name of the sequence in the sequence file. Am I looking at this from the wrong angle? Thanks & greetings, Bart
  7. Hello all, I have implemented a progress bar in LabVIEW, like this (called from the PostResultListEntry callback): Because it doesn't update smoothly I would like to try another approach: determine the number of 'Recorded Result' actions in the entire sequence at initialisation. However, I haven't found a way to accomplish that. I can get the names of the sequences in the sequence file, I can get the names of the steps in these sequences, but I can't retrieve the reference to the sequence that is called from the MainSequence. Can anyone tell me how to accomplish this? Greetings, Bart
  8. Hello all, I have some classes that inherit form a parent class. All these lvclass' ctl files (including the parent's) report "incorrectly claimed by a library". Now I noticed the NI report classes (NI_HTML, NI_Standard Report, and NI_report.ctl) report the same on their ctl files. Is this 'normal' behaviour that I can safely ignore? Thanks & greetings, Bart
  9. Thanks Ton, I'll try your approach. So a VI knows which library it is in, but the library (or a VI) does not know which project it is in? Greetings, Bart
  10. Hello all, I'm trying to create a VI Analyzer test that verifies certain properties of the containing lvproj of a VI reference. For quite some time I thought I was doing well, until I noticed the lvproj I was verifying was already in memory. And when it isn't, OwningApp can't provide its reference. Is there a way to open the lvproj programmatically? Or another way to obtain the lvproj reference? Thanks in advance & greetings, Bart
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