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  1. Hi All I running a VI not EXE,When I response a button and call another VI to do something other,VI has Locked,Every input controls are no response,include labview's menu bar,but all Indicators are OK and the program is running. When I close the program with windows's Task Manager,error appeared, This error does not happen often,about one time one day. Does anyone know? Thanks a lot!
  2. Thaks a lot ,hooovahh & ShaunR ShaunR is right,it is BLOB. In fact,the picture is saved in SQL server by .NET which is a Production and quality control program,Similar MRP.I made some auto test equipments which programed by labview and need to integrate into the system.when the operator login,program need to find and get the operater's pitcure in SQL server,display on the program 's front panel Indicate who is using. This is a very difficult issue for me ,because I only write LabVIEW program,others not。 ShaunR,Do you have relevant examples?or detailed methods? Thanks again!
  3. Picture in SQL Server Tab which format is image bin,how to convert to picture format(BMP、JPGorPNG) and display in labview. Some one have idea? Thanks
  4. 1.Run Vision OCR traning program,get Letters template,creat a dictionary and save it. 2.Run Vision Assistant program,Write program and Call vision's OCR control with dictionary in the first step.
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