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  1. Hello, I am trying to get my Keithley3706A up and running with LabVIEW but there are still some problems I am facing. I want to measure x channels with usage of filter. So I want to measure each channel x times and filter the results. I have found some functions like: dmm.filter.enable = True dmm.filter.count = 100 dmm.filter.type = dmm.FILTER_REPEAT_AVG dmm.filter.window =0,1 but it seems it still wont work. I am using the vi's Keithley itself provides on their homepage. Another problem I have is that I cant get more than 9 values into my buffer, for example if i want to create a scanlist with 1001:1010 I only get one value. If i create my scanlist with 1001:1009 it works just fine. I could not find any reference to this problem by now. thanks in advance Sagi
  2. Thank you again! Sorry, I attached the wrong project (but at least with some data). It was the "dirty" version without closing anything and old stuff packed in it :/ sorry for that. And even more big thanks from my side for still watching this garbage! you are right, now as I added only signals I really want to read and changed the ECU I get some values. But I have to ask some other guys (the guys who developed the other side of the CAN) what values I have to expect, for now they dont really look familiar to me. br Sagi
  3. Hi, nono it was totally clear I tried to fix my problem yesterday but still have some troubles to get valid data out of the can frames I receive... I have attached my actual test project with your XNET API. I try to convert my received data, which I get from the "ncReadNetMult.vi", into scaled data. but its allways "NaN". I have also saved my last received data in the test.vi as standard values for the output arrays. br Sagi Test CAN.zip
  4. Hi, thanks for watching this thread again I didnt really meant your VIs (they work just fine!), I meant the normal XNET communication VIs (like send/receive) they dont work on the USB module. http://www.ni.com/product-documentation/5859/en/ So i have to use the old NI-CAN vis, like "ncReadNetMult.vi". And as I can see by now I have to reformat your XNET Cluster to the old format (if thats all). I can try this in about 2-3 hours, right now I dont have the HW available. br
  5. Hi hoovahh, thank you for your answer. I have stumbled over your solution before but didnt try it yet. I will do this today If I am right i just have to use your "Get TX RX Signals From DBC" Example to get all of my Signals. Then I can just use your Convert vis to get a valid Frame and send this Frame via the original XNET Send_Frame vi? If its really that easy I have to thank you 10000 times in advance! br Sagi €: sry, was on a wrong way... xnet isnt working on the usb device so have to use the old can drivers
  6. Hi Guys, I really need some help with reading/writing defined data over the USB-8473 module. I am not really familiar with CAN at all, so maybe it is just a small thing I am missing to fix my problem. What do I want: I want to write/read defined signals from my .dbc-file In this case for example i want to write a specific value to the can signal "ISw_Stat", also I want to read some values like "CSC_val_01" to "CSC_val_12" What do I have right now: I managed to get a working communication up and running, also I can read/write data (but not a defined one, for now I just do all data) What is missing: I have struggle to do the right formatting of my data I have attached my program so far. thanks Test CAN.zip
  7. Hey Guys, hope you have some input for me. I have a compactDAQ and I want to dynamically check the modules which are injected? Why do I want this: I have some AI and thermo modules, but not all of them are used yet. So by today there are only two modules injected, but in the future there may be more. After this I want to log some of the channels of this x-modules, so I have to create a dialoge to select the different channels of the different cards and give them names for the logging. I dont want to have a fixed order of the different modules in the chassi or something like that. Is there a way to do that? And if, how? Thanks Sagi PS: sorry for my bad english, its kinda stressy today and I have to solve this problem :/
  8. Thanks, that would explain the errors it's exactly as you said, these VIs are meant to run on a RT-Target
  9. Hey Guys, I had to use mass compile first time in my life and now I'm wondering what some of the errors wants to tell me?! The VIs which are colored in the attached picture are definitely not broken, no broken arrow or were there any problems with them for now. So, how to get rid of these errors? Or why do I get these? Thanks Sagi
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