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  1. Hi Gustov, I know there is beta demo version in working process. As soon as I have got this demo version, I notify you. I'm waiting also...

    Best regards


  2. nothing new about XDSC?

  3. Hi Gustov. Excuse me for the response delay. I'am waiting to receive a demo version of this product.

    I know the only limitation is the number of nodes by VI diagram. I will give you links to download it.

    Best regards,


  4. I am very interested in the project XDSC.

    You do not know where you can download a demo version?

  5. I found some information about XDSC named component. Someone has more information about it?. It seems xnode-based technology + scripting XDSC information Thanks, Alejandro
  6. Attached XDSC product description

  7. Hi, a friend has send to me a document (spanish language) that explain XDSC toolkit. It seems a beta version of XDSC and I have not found Web information about i-less engineering. I'm translating this document to english. Best regards, Alejandro XDSC.pdf
  8. You can see this post: XDSC It seems a powerfull toolkit, but I don't have additional information
  9. Sorry!. You can't download the file from NI ftp server. I attach compressed file XDSC_Demo Enjoy and help me to explain this demoXDSC_Demo.zip!!
  10. Hi 'shared brain'. ¡I found a video demo named XDSC_Demo.avi!. This video explains how do you use this component. It seems Xnode-Based Technology... Does anyone have additional information about this component (XDSC)? Thanks
  11. Hi, 'shared brain'. I think this is a very big project !!. Based on my experience, shared variable engine (tagger) is enough powerful to develop a application with this number of variables (break your library process between other lesser libraries). You have a limited set of tools shipped with LabVIEW DSC to configure links between front panel controls and indicators, and shared variables. 1) Front panel binding, available on ‘Tab’ control properties: Data Binding (use PSP option). This option involves long time to implement connections. Imagine 1000 controls on front panel … !. 2) Mass front panel databinding. You should make some .csv file to configure controls and indicators The two methods exposed have limitations to keep sustainability and scalability. You should think about others application aspects: - Control maximum, minimum and increment values. User interface should act as input values filter. When you operate a machine or process is very important to prevent you can’t input dangerous values - Normally, the communication between PC and PLC’s is made by OPC Servers software layer, so you should verify input values are correctly transmitted. It is necessary to control this communication, waiting until input values are written to PLC - Messages to user to confirm Boolean operations (Run/Stop,…) - Application scalability. If you have a monitoring system where two or more machines have a similar process variable mapping, you should re-use the code with minimum changes (I think process name is the unique difference between machines) - … As you have seen, the tools shipped with LabVIEW DSC are limited, and you should think about a toolkit/scripting tool to resolve these problems. I have heard exists a component/toolkit named XDSC, developed for a engineering that can you help, because resolve enough problems, and the most important, you can to save a lot of development time. I will post information soon…
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