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  1. I have a program that constantly has a text file open and will write to the text file every 2 seconds or so, maybe longer. I need my labview program to constantly get updates from this file maybe every 400mS, I only want to get the last 2 lines of the file, I am working on some code that semi-works. The problem is sometimes the code will not detect any new data in the file. Also, I am wondering if the other program has the text file open all the time, can Labview open the text-file and read it? As long as I am not writing to the textfile from labview? Not sure how labview ownership of the file works. The updated information wrote in the file is "Keyboard got triggered key was: ##" ## is some number, and the line ends with a LF character ConstantDataFIle.vi
  2. I am using Labview 8.0, trying to makie a client that constantly reads in string data from a linux-pc that ends with Line Feed Characters. Also I need to be able to send command strings to linux-pc at any given time, keeping the connection active until I want to close it. The Linux-server will respond "OK" if the command is valid, and "ERROR" if it is not. The messages are variable length and not fixed length. My vi sends the command to the server when I first run the VI, but if I try to send another command, it doesn't send, nor does it receive any new data from the server. Any help is appreciated! TCP_TESTER.vi
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