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  1. I actually knew this, but I did not think about a way not to disable all controls. But that was not very difficult to do. This is my new code, a lot cleaner (Made infotext for newbies like myself.)
  2. This worked great :thumbup: ned: This is the way I did it Thanks
  3. Hello I need to disable multiple controls on my vi when an event occurs, I'm currently using this code: Add all the references to an array and use a for loop to disable via property node. The problem is that this gives me a "disable-wave". From one side of the vi to the other, clearly visible. Cool effect, but not planned Is there a better way?
  4. I have two projects, one on a computer the other on a FieldPoint. The computer is the client. If I bind a shared variable on the computer to a shared variable on the FieldPoint (Bind to source), what protocol does the communication use? NI-PSP?
  5. Did any of you guys get "Paris Syndrome"? BTW this is my home town:
  6. I have two very basic questions: Is it possible to remove the scollbars when you are editing a VI? Also if I scoll the mouse wheel on the front panel it moves up and down. Can i lock it so if I want to put more things in I have to drag the window to make it bigger?
  7. Is it possible to configure a FieldPoints Ip-settings programmatically? From a LabVIEW program. And can I programmatically configure "shared variables", maybe with a Property Node?
  8. Yes thats it Thank you very much. Fantastic :thumbup: Need to check off this option in the builder options for it to work: Is it possible to automaticly register a filetype to an application when the application is installed?
  9. Thanks for your reply. Yes I know about this, but how does I then load the clicked file into my application? Usualy I use the file dialog for this. Should be an Event that was called: "If application is called by a file."
  10. Is it possible to open an LabVIEW-made application and loading a file, by clicking a file. Like you open Word when clicking .doc file? It would then load the clicked file into the application. Is this possible?
  11. Yes, maybe something like a countdown after each value change before updating, and each new valuechange resets the countdown.
  12. Fantastic :thumbup: yes that made my code easier Your color the comments vi worked great when run once, but I'm aiming at updating the colouring when typing. Maybe an event structure is the way to go. But as you see in my attachment it constantly marks all the text, and then the user deletes what he has already typed in. Download File:post-3560-1159979520.vi
  13. Thanks guys I worked it out with the "Search and Replace String" function. The regular expression to remove CSS-style comments is : \/\*[^*]*\*+([^/][^*]*\*+)*\/ :ninja: Attached my solution. Haven’t looked at the colored text yet. Will post my findings there too:) Download File:post-3560-1159946324.vi (For LabVIEW 8.0)
  14. Hello Is it possible to remove the comment like the one on the screenshot? Remove everything from /* untiltil */ I'm going to use the text to run a state machine. And also let the user make comments in the "code" And a second question: It it possible to color the comment when viewed on the screen? Like on the second screenshot? (The text in green)
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