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  1. So, I could finally load a map and a Robot but still can't center the robot in the Scene. Anyone know how to do that? Greetings. PerspectivePlane.zip
  2. Hello everybody, I don't know if this post should be here, but my program is a Real Time Localization Algorithm, so here we go. Up to now I can localize a Robot in a simple 2D map but I want to create a 3D prespective like in the attached image in Labview (the perspective of the image was also made in Labview), and I want to ask you, what would you use? I was thinking on a 3D mesh and use the blueprint of the building as texture. But, I was told that in Labview there's a really powerful tool called Robotic Environment Simulator (that I have installed) that can be used to simulate a custom
  3. Thanks. I downloaded it and got the password from the autor. It works fine.
  4. Hello. I need to match shapes using Hough Transform and I have found some implementations in Matlab and other languages but nothing in Labview. Have anyone tried this or do I need to reinvent the wheel? Thanks in advance.
  5. So, I tested "Spoke.vi" and I compared it with Extract Contour and simulated LIDAR lines. It works perfect for simulating a Robot Scan Match based on LIDAR devices, Thanks a lot.
  6. I though that was only for detecting circular shapes. I'll give it a try, lets see. Do you now any node to compute Scan/Line Matching given a map and a set of points defining a contour? Like in the figure I attached. I initially thought coding the algorithms manually, but since there's plenty of Machine Vision nodes in LabView 2011 I would like to use as much high level nodes as I can. I even saw some LIDAR nodes but they seem to be only for communication purposes, not for simulation. Thanks for answering.
  7. Good morning, I'm spending a lot of time trying to convert a simple map into a set of segments in order to perform a Scan Matching with diferent robot poses for localization. I see there's a huge number of tools in Labview regarding Computer Vision and Pattern Matching but, until now, I can't find anything that satisfies my needs. I tryed Edge Detection.vi but it returns not only the segment of wall but a complete line from side to side of the ROI as you can try in the example I attached. In addition, Edge detection doesn't work well with diagonal walls. I could use Contour Detection.vi
  8. Thanks a lot!!! I thought that was for rectangles without orientation. But it accepts also an orientation parameter.
  9. Good afternoon, everybody. I'm new here and actually working in a Localization Algorithm using LabView. I tried to extract walls contour from a simple floor plan to use it in my algorithm later. At first I thought doing it manually but then I realized there's a lot of high level VI's in Labview for computer vision. In example, "Extract contour" would give me the coordinates found in an image, so I wrote a simple piece of code to test it. But first, I need to select a ROI. I used "Rectangle to ROI" and added the imputs programmatically, but the Extract Contour VI doesn't accept it as a vali
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