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  1. Align the nodes on the error cluster (+1 rolfk) ... and hide the bend of the upper wire.
  2. @Val Brown : "...and I love the icon Robby" yes, it's Robby, the robot. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forbidden_Planet )
  3. Now, I know that I am no longer alone on this Earth. I am a compulsive "pixel pusher" too. I can spend hours to align a Block Diagram, down to the pixels. It's a pity that it's not possible to align up to half pixel. And moreover, I like very much that, it is a real pleasure.
  4. @hooovahh : how is this different than a build array and index? .... with arrays on inputs ... you can build an array of arrays ? with this xnode, no problem.
  5. yes, there are ways to do this another way. it was just for the fun, nothing else. (sorry for my bad English, i do my best) "seems neat" ? ... no, it is very neat !
  6. hi all, here is my last xnode (LV2012) , "Select" ... but with n inputs. (100% polymorphic) 2 menus : 1) select mode : after&before , only after, only before select output : top , center 2) add input (after) , remove input ouadji, (for a quick test ... unzip ---> QUICK_TEST.vi) SelectNinputs (Ouadji).zip
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