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  1. Dear Michael, I changed it per your instructions. Works as expected. I would have msgd sooner but I still have a number of "issues" getting the data and instruments synced and measuring in the right range. You're probably laughing about how bad that coding was! Some was inherited and the rest bootstrapped. My Professor keeps telling me to do it "Manually" for now. Can you suggest any books and other sources to help me learn this (labview) faster? And of course I'd love all the critisms/suggestions you or any of the others here on the board would be kind of enough to make. But in the mean time, I think I can make it work well enough to compete with the "manual" option (now that it's saving data , so... .... Thanks again! I really appreciate it. Keith Chambers
  2. Michael, Thanks so much the helpful and fast reply. It's about 12:00 midnight here (Louisisana) and I just left the lab. I'll be back at it tomorrow and I'll implement your suggestion. :worship: Thanks again! ~Keith
  3. Hi Guys, I sure hope one of you can help me. I'm a university student and I am really new to labview (6.1). I have a current source (input) and powermeter (output) both connected via GPIB. I've read the manual for them both and most of the labview manual also. I set up a simple laview goes like this: Sequence 1 write a set to initialize the 2 instruments: works fine. Sequence 2 I get the start, stop and stepsize values for the current source in milliAmps (e.g. 0mA-20mA, stepsize=.5mA) and use this to set up a while loop, basically: (while start+(#steps x stepsize) < stop, run loop) LOOP: inside this loop I have three sequences, 1) right the current (mA) value to the current source, 2) read the actual current value from the current source, and 3) read the power reading from the powermeter These last two are wired to the edge of the loop as SGL values. This all seems to work just fine. Problem is I want to take these two paired outputs (2 per loop cycle) and output them as a set of paired data I can load into Excel. I have tried the build array (inside and outside the loop) and tried the build cluster from these wires etc.. I've changed indexing on/off, basically everything I can think of. I just want to take these two output from each loop cycle and make them a 2xn array where n is the number of loops. Everything I try just gives me the last set of data (last current, last power) and that's it. I know there has to be a simple way to do this. Please help me. I want to do it the simplest way. I want to add it to the array as I go, one pair of data at a time. I don't care if it's in an array, a cluster or whatever. Just want the data out. Lastly, after the loop in sequence 2, I have Sequence 3 turn off current source, etc.. I am attaching the VI so you can see what I'm talking about. Sorry this is so long. I hope I gave the info needed for you to help me. Thanks so much. Great forum. Sincerely, Keith Chambers P.S. I'm very open to critisism and advice as I am REALLY new at this. Sorry I have to ask this question; I'm sure I'll feel stupid when I get the answer, but I've look and just don't see it and tried it everyway I can think of so please, please help me if you can! Download File:post-10-1082844130.zip
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