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  1. Dear Michael, I changed it per your instructions. Works as expected. I would have msgd sooner but I still have a number of "issues" getting the data and instruments synced and measuring in the right range. You're probably laughing about how bad that coding was! Some was inherited and the rest bootstrapped. My Professor keeps telling me to do it "Manually" for now. Can you suggest any books and other sources to help me learn this (labview) faster? And of course I'd love all the critisms/suggestions you or any of the others here on the board would be kind of enough to make. But i
  2. Michael, Thanks so much the helpful and fast reply. It's about 12:00 midnight here (Louisisana) and I just left the lab. I'll be back at it tomorrow and I'll implement your suggestion. :worship: Thanks again! ~Keith
  3. Hi Guys, I sure hope one of you can help me. I'm a university student and I am really new to labview (6.1). I have a current source (input) and powermeter (output) both connected via GPIB. I've read the manual for them both and most of the labview manual also. I set up a simple laview goes like this: Sequence 1 write a set to initialize the 2 instruments: works fine. Sequence 2 I get the start, stop and stepsize values for the current source in milliAmps (e.g. 0mA-20mA, stepsize=.5mA) and use this to set up a while loop, basically: (while start+(#steps x stepsize) <
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