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  1. I am trying to figure out how to make a new script server and script node for LabVIEW. Does anyone have documentation on this? Google return nada. Looking at labpython, I guess one needs to know how to construct the DLL. And then how to make a node.vi for the Block Diagram? that is a real mystery too. mlewis
  2. Your code does indeed work. However, I'm reading the Details sections of the Match Pattern help page, and I don't understand what the regex <[^>]*> means? I can't decipher it from the Match Pattern Details page. On the other hand, I've used Perl alot in the past, so <.*?> is more natural for me. mlewis
  3. does anyone else find Search and Replace Pattern.vi useless? It seems to me that you can't remove all the <HTML> tags from a string with it. I substituted Match Regular Expression for Match Pattern, creating a new VI called Search and Replace Regular Expression... any thoughts as to why NI didn't do this already? wouldn't it also be nice if there was a PCRE node where small Perl-like scripts could be used? mlewis lv 8.0 Download File:post-3791-1160279637.vi
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