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  1. Hi All, I have PCI 6221 DAQ Card (68 pin) and using LV 8.0, I want to control the servo motor using this config., I have experience running the servo motor using PLC by inputting the calculated number of pulses to the servo run command in ladder logic for controlling the applicaton & it worked fine. Similarly I want to run the servo motor using LabVIEW so that I can input some pre defined pulses but dont know how to input the pulses, what pins to be connected and used. I have mitsubishi servo motor and its drive, could any body help me out with some sample code and hardware connection conf
  2. QUOTE(i2dx @ Feb 17 2007, 03:50 AM) Thanks for the prompt response Could you please also explain on which terminals I would get that 5V DC pulse train and what are the connections I must do. Regards
  3. Hello to all, I am using a DAQ 6221(68 pin) card , for various analog inputs, but have no idea how to use counters to get a 5V DC output as a pulse train. I have an application in which I will be controlling the temperature through Heaters which will be On & Off using SSRs(solid state relays). The SSRs operate at 5V DC so I am thinking that if I can use the counters to operate the SSRs so that they switch as per the counter outputs(5V DC) which comes as a Pulses....by pulses I mean if my temperature is far below the set point so I will generate a 100% duty cycle pulse so that relay keep
  4. Hello All. I am comparing two waveforms(actually I have to acquire 1 wave forms then compare with a master waveform reading from the file)...but I am just checking it by writing a code which I am attaching with the post.....what I want to do is to compare the aggregates of two waveforms.....within 5 % Error..........but even when I apply the same sine wave(of same frequencies) I am not getting the Boolean High.......is there any else method for comparing the aggregates of 2 waveforms......also How can I incresae a counter every time I get a High or Low depending on the case structure (counter
  5. Hi, Could anybody please tell me that I have to switch on/off relay for which I am using simlpe DAQmx write to channel, and the data I am writing is a Boolean which itself is a combination of various digital inputs I am acquiring, but I want to know that as I am using sequence structue so after switching on the relay , at any time if that Boolean becomes false(based on the status of Digital inputs) , will it have a effect on the relay(will it be off simultaneously, if I dont clear the task at the switcing On relay) OR I have to write again at the channel to make it switch off using that Boole
  6. Hi....all I am making LV code to test the stator coil for different test(continuity test etc...)and I am using DAQ Card 6515 and 6221 for the data acuisition , I have done coding for acquiring different parameters but the different requirements which we will be providing in the main front panel of the machine (i.e. different switches and indicators) like Start , Stop , Reset , Emergency switches and different indicators......now the scenario is that when I press the Start button from the machine front panel my LabVIEW code should start and start acquiring the data, and when I press Stop it s
  7. Hi to all LabVIEW users... I used LabVIEW in our college, coz it is in our curriculum and since then I loved it.......now I am doing several projects using LabVIEW in my college for various data acquisition measurements , and also as in various courses like ....DSP etc.
  8. Hi I am doing starin gage measurement for experimental setup in my Lab , now I have successfully employed the strain gauges on the beam and connected them in a full bridge configurations. Actually I am wondering about the fact that as I am using SCXI 1520 and Block 1314 which are meant for strain gage measurements , now when I run the strain gage measurement program provided by NI in examples so what I am gettining voltage coressponding to strain or Strain itself. Another query is that what kind of calibration I will be needing in doing so, or why I need calibration when I will be developin
  9. Hi Thanks for the replies. Yes Micheal I want to show " some other "effect" Like when I change the direction of the motor it should be shown or when I increase or decrease the speed. Could you please help me how to do it. Thanks
  10. Hello I am a student and I have made a program in our lab to control Stepper motor using Bluetooth, for which I have used 2 PCs which works as client and server. Client can control the speed and direction of the motor and server has the On/Off controls. But Now I want to further improve the program by simulating motor graphics on the server side as well i.e. as the client varies the speed or direction of the motor I want to show that effect on server side. Could anybody help me on this. Thanks & Regards James
  11. Hello Thank you all who replied to this topic. My problem is solved actually I was using 120ohm strain Guage and in 1314 there are 350 Ohm completion resistors on all channels except Channel 2. But Now As I am configuring full bridge , so I dont have to worry about completion resistors and I am getting output Here I wanted to know that the result(Output) which I am getting , what to infer from it??(Is it strain reading or just some voltage??) and Do I need any kind of calibratrion to get some meaningful measurement. As I am a student please forgive me if my query is not good eno
  12. Hello All, I am using SCXI 1520, Terminal Block 1314 and DAQ 6035 E Card, for Strain Gauge Measurement. We have got a Strain Gauge of 120 Ohm with the NI Hardware which was connected to CH02(One of the 8 channels provided), Now my problem is that if I connect the Strain Gauge to some other channel(except Channel 2) I am not able to get any readings , and if I reconnect it back to Channel 2 it gives prorper results. I have connected the strain Gauge in a Quarter bridge Configuration(obviously for a Single Strain Gauge) as per the circuit diagram provided co
  13. Could anybody please tell me is this book at all related with LabVIEW or not.
  14. Hello all, I need some sample CLAD exam papers, Could anybody please provide me sample papers , any resource , link or send to me at : programmer.james@gmail.com Thanks & Regards
  15. Hello to all I am a student & a LabVIEW user and I have came to know that .NET is a useful tool if you are a LabVIEW programmer. I need soome guidance , that Should I learn the .NET and if yes then in what ways it is going to help me(a LabVIEW user) and what exactly should I learn in .NET. I am a student who needs some guidance so please forgive me if anybody dont likes my query. Thanks&Regards [/b]
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