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  1. Hi all, I posted simple utility to zoom image in IMAQ control/indecator by mouse wheel. Have you better way to do this simple thing? Know bug: Vertical scrolbar must be disabled in run-time, because I don't know way to disable scroll front panel window - please sugest solution ! :beer: PS: I don't know if IMAQ library is required for this code. Used LabView 8.0.1 all the best, Vladimir. Download File:post-3852-1150807955.zip
  2. Hi, Now works fine - wery usefull code. (One VI is still missing "Count Number of Lines in a Multiline string", but the function was clear ...) I have found and fix two small bugs: 1, When you have selected colum last+1, the list was cleared 2, When you have done mouse click on Label above column, the list was reorded too (this is only cosmetic, but some users are perfectionist ...) Vladimir.
  3. Hi ! Seems to be very usefull, but "Check if Listbox Column Header Clicked.vi" and "Sort 2D Array by Selected Column Values.vi" are missing. vladimir
  4. Hi all, I have big array of clusters. I need effectively insert or delete middle elements. In my opinion linked list will be the right chose in C. What about labview ? I can use implementation via fixed size array of data elements and two arrays of integers represents previous and next pointers (in this case endexes to the data aray). But everything exists simpler more effective way, isn
  5. Verry nice ! Also one possible moment to changing the world : 06/05/04 03:02:01 in YY/MM/DD BTW: The VI is not enought ! and greetings to Jim from 007 :laugh: hihi...
  6. Thanks Darren , It is clear now, this added new dimension to my life. Vladimir
  7. Looks like good idea, but I have tried this 5 minuts without efect. If it is posible try to write detailed descrition to me (imagigine: I am totaly stupit ... ). vladimir.
  8. Hi all, How can I rotate Feedback Node ? I mean code with the bootom fedback node looks much more better than the top one. I realy don't know how I placed the bottom one to my VI. It just happend... (Maybe like other things in LV8.0 ...) All the Best, Vladimir
  9. This is nice, Download File:post-3852-1142511035.zip Cluster picture looking as empty or controls inside cluster are shifted out of bounary (efect is the same.. ) Vladimir. Using: LV 8.0.1
  10. Hi all, Is there someone who sucessfully compile FPGA code for IMAQIO-5 target (PCI-8254R) ??? I can not found any example code and I geting compile error 61055 (ni.com support some solution but this is not my case, I mean...). I can compile code for others FPGA targets (PCI-7811R,...) sucessfully. PS: Using: LV 8.0.1, I am newbie with LV FPGA module, but I have experience with VHDL projects for Xilinx FPGA.
  11. I have tried this manually, by renaming .svn to _svn, but with no effect.
  12. Hi all, When I try to MassCompile directory under Subversion control LabView try to Mass Compile FOOBAR.vi.svn-base file in .svn subdirectory. This spent a lot of time and it isn't exactly what I want to do... It is posible to set some MassCompile Option to force ignore .svd directory ?? Thanks a lot, Vladimir
  13. Hi, LV8.0 going down with this VI, The problem is converting Image Value property to String. I know this code is stupid, absurd and unusual but I expect some error output instead of labview crash. Ver:LV 8.0pro,Vision 8.0 Vladimir. Download File:post-3852-1139985191.vi
  14. :thumbup: Very Nice, now working well, Thank you Joe ! Working wersion is included:Download File:post-3852-1139983403.zip
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