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  1. OpenG Config XNodes

    These XNodes wrap the OpenG Variant Config routines so that clusters are automagically returned as themselves rather than as variants. The XNodes simply call the OpenG routines, as I didn't want to have to worry about handling (or rewriting) the reentrant algorithm used.
    XNodes are provided for Read/Write INI Cluster, Read/Write Section Cluster, and Read/Write Key, and should work as direct replacements.
    Many thanks to Gavin Burnell for his extremely helpful toolkit, and his release of Array XNodes which provided the inspiration for trying my first XNodes. I also use a modified version of the XNode Manager by Aitor Solar to create the initial XNodes.
    All the usual caveats apply when using XNodes - i.e. don't, unless you know what you're doing, or don't care what happens!
    oglib_variantconfig >= 2.7-2
    lava_lib_labview_api_scripting_tools >=



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