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  1. hello, I make to start or to stop a cycle while? I see this in forum, but not to find this now.. Help..
  2. am to speak of that example : Download File:post-4102-1143588981.viI
  3. hello... How can I make a thing the same to the example? Please tell me as I can do.. thank you.. To teach as doing Thank you Hugo
  4. hello Can I generate a report (Excel, html...) with labview? How should I do? thank you, help
  5. hello Mike C, Thank you for the explanation. Then it is possible send sms indirectly with Labview, through one SMS gateway. thank you, Mike C
  6. Thank you Rolf, I already send email How do I do to send sms? And possible to send sms with labview? Thank Hugo Fernandes
  7. Hello, Yes, I using the standard SMTP VIs that come with LabVIEW. I have the following error: " code : 56 source : TCP Open Connection in NI_SMTPEmail.lvlib:SMTP Email Open Session.vi:3->NI_SMTPEmail.lvlib:SMTP Email Send Message Charset.vi:2->NI_SMTPEmail.lvlib:SMTP Email Send Message.vi:1->testesend email.vi " what happens? Thank you
  8. oi Rolf Kalbermatter, I made the following example. I used them VI, continues to give a error. Don't I know the one what to do more??!! help, please Download File:post-4102-1140896678.vi
  9. Hello rolfk, Thank you for having answered. I to use the following example. Because it is that don't get to send the email? I already turned off firewall. Thank you Download File:post-4102-1140713695.llb
  10. Hello Khalid Ansari, I receive email with the labview. I connect the email server to receive the email, I make authentication and I introduce the password. Will it be that have authentication/password with server smtp? But with VI smtp of the to do that? thank you
  11. hello Rolf Kalbermatter, Thank you for having answered, I am an electr
  12. hello Khalid Ansari, I am to use the example (Email Notification.vi), to understand as doing. The errors is in the connection mail server. The errors i: " Could not establish connection with.. Error 62 ". What am to do wrong? Thank you Hugo Fernandes
  13. I am to use the version 7.1. Did I try to use smtp of the labview (the examples) but don't I get to send email??? And on, to send sms?? Thank you
  14. hello, I develop an application, that has to inform the administrator for email and sms when a value surpasses a limit. How do I do to send email and sms with the labview? :headbang: Help...
  15. Hello i2dx Do I ask an explanation on the examples? I am not to understand well... Thank you
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