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  1. Ah thank you! hooked up my arrays to that and it worked perfectly! And much easier than how I was trying it
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    From the album: sds

  4. Hi, What I have is two different files with about 150 different elements each. These files could have the same elements or could have different ones, so what I need to do is create an array which returns the elements which match from one array with the rest of the row in that array... It's difficult to explain but say these are the two files: array 1 array 2 A 1 A B 2 B C 3
  5. I had already gotten it this way before I saw that, I'm going to save a copy of this now and try doing what you said Edit: Works perfect and is significantly neater now. Thank you!!
  6. Im not sure how you do the smaller picture like that but in case anyone else ends up having this problem, this is how I solved it... I havent yet put it in one single array but do now have the two separate columns... My data did not let me use the scan from string because apparently some rows in some files are blank and I had not noticed. This code may not be extremely streamlined but it did achieve the two columns I wanted. Thank you for the help jcarmody
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    From the album: sds

  8. Here is what I have so far... I have been working for a while and as of right now the array I read the difference percentage into writes the value in the right index but immediately erases it the next iteration so right now I am trying to solve that... any help would be appreciated edit: used the scan from string to replace the middle part there
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    From the album: sds

  10. I'm not really sure what forum to put this under, but here is what I need to do: As of right now I have a n-row, 7 column array. It is read from a .csv file and then my code prints it out on the screen in a string array. One of the columns is called difference, which has a difference between two of the others then shows the percent difference that is... the form it shows it would be .0088(.020%). I need to create two different columns, one for the numerical difference and one for the percent difference and then make a new array which is n-rows by 8 columns replacing these two. I
  11. welp, like I said, it was much easier than I was making it... that's what I was looking for but couldnt seem to find a forum on it. Thanks for the help, I have just started to use LabVIEW!
  12. Hi, This is probably a simple problem, but I have a csv file with string values in one column and numbers in another. For example: Volume, 6 Diameter, 5 I would like to be able to read the first column in and come up with an array of just the strings. I have tried using the Read Text from file into the Spreadsheet string to Array into the Index Array functions, but I cannot seem to get this string array to work out, as it just comes up with 0's for the amount of rows in the column every time. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.
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