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  1. Hi, I'm a bit late. But you definitely pointed me to the right direction. I choosed the asynchronous call. Thanks a lot, Ralf
  2. Hello, sorry, but I am confused on calling a vi asynchronously in a labview executable. I have the following diagramm (see attached image). code is working fine in the development environment The Vi is included in my labview project. The application builds withou an error. But if I run the executable I always get error 1003 an Open VI Reference: the vi is not executable I really made sure the vi has no errors. Where is my mistake? Thanks for any help, Ralf
  3. Guess you are right. I saw the process in task manager only when I checked to show processes of all users. It's a bit strange because both PCs were in the same domain and the identical user was logged in on both PCs. I can not reproduce the behavior in the moment. Thought first it might have something to do with labview development system or only labview runtime on the target PC. Thanks for your help, Ralf
  4. Hello again, one more question regarding LabView2013 and DCOM. I am now able to start a activex-enabled labview2013 application on a remote PC, get a VI reference and run the VI without errors. The only problem is that there is no frontpanel shown on the remote PC. I only see the application in the process list of task manager. Does anyone know of a possibility to let Labview2013 open the frontpanel when the application is started from remote? Thanks for any help, Ralf Sorry, forgot to mention that I have tried ShowFPOnCall = true and OpenFrontPanel(true) from remote without
  5. Hello, sorry for coming back on this so late. And thanks for your replies. Following Rolf's hint I found that with the build option 'enable ActiveX server' a .tlb file is created by LV2013. I did manage to start my labview application on the remote PC but I didn't get any vi handle. My VC++ 6.0 application crashes when trying to obtain a vi handle. Before trying REx I am searching for a labview-built-in-solution to make remote calls to a labview.exe. I am now willing to call labview from C# and I found many examples calling a labview DLL with C#. But I need to call a labvie
  6. Hi all. In LV7.1 days we wrote a LV application and exported a type library (.tlb) to remotely call this LV application. Based on the .tlb we built a Win32-DLL with VC++ 6.0. We would now like to update the LV application to LV2013 but we'll still nedd a Win32-DLL on the other side for remote calls/control. Does LV2013 still export .tlb files? If not, any suggestions how to remotely call a LV2013 application from Win32-DLL? Thanks for any help, Ralf
  7. Hello All, I've encountered a rather special problem by writing measuremnt data to disk. I've got an array [sGL] of about 28,8MB size which I write to disk with the Write File.vi. (LV 7.1) This worked very well for a while. But unfortunately I now often receive the error code 6 from the Write File.vi. The file is created but has 0Kb when the error occurs. I have made sure that there is enough disk space and that the path is correctly formated. I'm using W2k SP4 and it is a 124GB partition with about 50% free disk space. It only happens on one machine which has a hardware RAID1 (Adaptec
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