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  1. Well, in that case you really don't need to use the picture editor, you can paste directly in MS Word. Drag and drop would be nice. Thank you. Daniel R.
  2. Hello, everybody. ¿Is it possible to drag an XY Graph from the front panel of a LV executable and drop it in a Microsoft Word document? That would be a great feature in our analysis software. Daniel R. PD: I'm using LV 8.5.1.
  3. Thanks, John. Do you know if I can find this for LV 8.5.1 anywhere? Regards, Daniel R. I couldn'd think of that by myself. Another thing that I could do is take a picture of the screen with my old film camera, develop the film, put it on my scanner and voila! (just kidding) Daniel R.
  4. Thanks, Felix and Jens. Actually, I need to get a full screen image, not only a front panel. I was thinking of .NET or Activex, but still haven't found the right piece of code. Regards, Daniel R.
  5. Sorry, everyone, I forgot to mention: 1. Get a screenshot programmatically 2. Working with LV 8.5.1. Thanks a lot, Daniel R.
  6. Hello, everyone. What is the easiest way to get a screenshot? Make your bets. Thanks, Daniel R.
  7. Hello, everyone. I need help from the UI masters. Please see the attached VI (LV 8.5.1). You may notice an ugly "xxxxxxE-15" on the Y scale of the graph where it should be a simple zero. Note that this scale has scaling factors. I suppose this is a bug and we wanted to workaround it. We figured out that we could read all markers text and then just write a "0" to the ugly one, but we still can't get the right method. Any suggestions? Daniel R.
  8. QUOTE (Wim @ Nov 21 2008, 09:08 AM) It seems difficult that Microsoft gives you permission on that. Daniel R.
  9. QUOTE (rolfk @ Oct 27 2008, 05:31 PM) All right. Thank you so much for your answers, everyone. As always, LAVA has been very helpful. ¡Long live to LAVA! Daniel R. CLD
  10. Thank you for your answer, Rolf. Very complete references. SEA toolkit seems good to me. Have you tried that? Regards, Daniel R. CLD
  11. Thanks for your answers. So it seems that any real (professional) solution to this means building your own "translation engine". Tricky. Thank you, Daniel R. CLD
  12. Hi everyone, I was wandering: ¿How do YOU manage different UI languages in your LabVIEW-built software? For example, we have exported VI strings in the original language of our software (spanish), then edited the VIs for translation to english and re-exported the strings, so now we have different sets of string files for different languages. At edit time we can manually import strings for every user interfase VI and then compile for different languages, but I was asking myself if there could be a better way. For example, I was thinking about importing the strings programmatically at run-time, but this is not possible, because "VI Strings.Import" method is not "Settable when the VI is running". Any ideas? Daniel
  13. Perfect. Thank you for your fast answer. See you, Daniel R. QUOTE(Aristos Queue @ Jan 22 2008, 02:41 PM)
  14. Hi all. In the development of my application, I include a vi template for certain visualization window, so I can open unlimited number of instances of that window. Now, I would like to use a Functional Global Variable inside this window, but not share it through all of them. Now, from my tests, I found no way (execution options) to do this. Any suggestions? Daniel R
  15. Hi everyone. I'm considering to buy a tablet PC (HP tx1230) instead of a regular notebook. Has anyone tried to program LabVIEW using the tablet stylus instead of a mouse? How was it? Thank you DR
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