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  1. Hi All, Is there a way to log a programmatically created shared variable of cluster or array datatype into citadel DB? I have attempted to programmatically create a shared variable of type 'double' and was able to successfully log the same into Citadel DB. In the attachment, Please refer to the attached project SV_TC.lvproj and specifically to SV_W.vi for the code that i have used (W.png file shows the dB in MAX and shared variable in NI Distributed System Manager) However when i tried the same approach to create a shared variable 'array of double', i noticed that traces are not getting created and hence data logging isn't happening into the Citadel DB. I was however able to write and read the shared variable array without issues. The same is true with cluster datatype also. Please refer to SN_NW.vi for the code that i have used - only difference from SV_W.vi is that i have tried to create a shared variable of type 'array of double' One observation is that if i create an 'array of double' or cluster in a shared variable library using the project explorer and deploy, i could see that these being logged into Citadel DB. Hence i want to understand what could be done to achieve the same programmatically? Could you please advice? Regards, Sridhar SV_TC.zip
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