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  1. VIs can be downloaded here... https://github.com/sivamgr/LabVIEW_EtherNET_IP (or) sivamgr.github.com/LabVIEW_EtherNET_IP
  2. These VIs cannot function properly if put in parallel. PLease do the following to over come the proble, 1) Build a Wrapper VI (Driver VI / a single Interface VI) using 3 VIs(Init, Update, Scan) as SubVIs 2) Use the Wrapper VI in your code instead of directly calling Init, Update or Scan.. This will overcome the race around condition.. Please write to sivamgr@gmail.com if you face any problem in implementing this.. QUOTE(jared @ Feb 29 2008, 05:35 AM)
  3. QUOTE(jared @ Jan 11 2008, 05:00 AM) Hi Jared, By Changing the Constant(0x07),. any Integer file can be accessed. But, before changing the constant, create that particular file in the PLC and configure it as integer. also configure the number of registers in that file as required. Accessing Bool File directly is a bit tough. Instaed of accessing a Bool File., You can keep some registers in the N7 and access it. In plc side, keep a logic to read from the integer file register and update the bool file. Use one of the these values for this field. Do not use any othervalues; doing so may resul
  4. QUOTE(jmcbee @ Dec 27 2007, 11:50 PM) I was using Logitech QuickCam Chat Camera for testing.. I am trying to figure out whats wrong with the activeX Code (VB 6.0 Code).. In the activeX Code, I am suspecting this line.. hWndC = CapCreateCaptureWindow("LiveAcquire", WS_CHILD + WS_VISIBLE, 0, 0, 352, 288, UserControl.hwnd, 0) 0,0,352,288 has to modified as 0,0,<default image width supported by cam>,<default image height supported by cam>.. you can try with 0,0,960 ,720 after changing, Make the Webcam.ocx and update the system32 with the latest ocx file and try again wit
  5. QUOTE(jmcbee @ Dec 27 2007, 11:36 PM) "Read BMP File.vi" is a library function that is available under, "Graphics Formats Pallete". Please check the size of the BMP File. Are you able to open the BMP file using MS-PAINT?. What is your webcam model ?
  6. QUOTE(jmcbee @ Dec 27 2007, 11:27 PM) please check the source code attached in the earlier replies (LiveAcquisition_ActiveX.zip). The ActiveX sends simple messages to the device source driver using WIA Interfaces.
  7. QUOTE(Yen @ Nov 4 2007, 12:24 AM) That example demostrates the implementation of web2.0 with labview. Offcourse the demo needs internet toolkit. But, With proper implementation of web2.0, internet toolkit can be avoided. 1) Point all the xmlopen function to a application server 2) Implement a tcp communicator(labview code) in application server On a tcp request, read the network-shared variables and convert it into a csv string and send it as a tcp response 3) in the ajax script, parse the value and update the graphics on the page. This technique demands very less bandwidth comp
  8. 1) Make sure that you have given a valid path. 2) After clicking the Snap, manually check the specified path and verify whether the activex is writing the snapshot into the specified file. 3) If the latest snapshot is available in the specified BMP file then, Increase the delay specified in the code(WebcamDemo.vi) and test again. 4) If the latest snapshot is not available, then please reinstall the cam's driver and try again. QUOTE(jmcbee @ Dec 27 2007, 10:39 PM)
  9. QUOTE(longzoo @ Dec 4 2007, 11:53 PM) I'm afraid that the Number of Registers in N7 File of your PLC is configured as 1. Configure the N7 File Size accordingly before using the VIs.(You can set the no of registers in N7 as 256). Hope this would solve the problem. If not, Please send a Snapshot of the test VIs.
  10. The Present set of VIs does not fully support reading/writing of the following types of tages 1) Timer Tags 2) Control Tags 3) Counter Tags 4) Data Structures However ACC, PRE elements of timer\control\counter tag-structures can be accessed. To access ACC element of a Timer, say timer-1, use "timer1.ACC" as Tag-name and Datatype as DINT. Similiarly, to access Preset Element, use "timer1.PRE" as tag-name and DINT as datatype. By using this method, ACC, PRE of Timer, Control and Counter tags can be accessed. Note: "ACC", "PRE" should be in Upper Case.
  11. QUOTE(beckerg @ Nov 5 2007, 05:10 PM) I've analysed the sub vi for this issue. The Number of elements in the frame will always be an even number. Hence, Int(SizeOf(@array)/2) gives the same result as Quotient(Number=SizeOf(@array), Divisor=2). At no case, the frame will get composed of odd number of elements. Thats why the component is running with no-errors. anyway, its good to use quo-rem operator for this purpose. thanks for the suggestion
  12. QUOTE(sprezzaturon @ Nov 6 2007, 02:11 AM) Check the following. 1) Open the VI. In the Front panel, Right Click on LiveWindow ActiveX Container 2) Click, "Insert ActiveX Control". Select "WebCam.LiveWindow" 3) Now Save and run the program. If you dont get "Webcam.LiveWindow" in the ActiveX Control List, it means that the activeX control is not registered properly. please do the registration steps again to fix it. Check the following. Note: For XP, Camera should support WIA or it should support TWAIN. If it TWAIN based, then check whether you have installed the Mini WIA Driver on top
  13. QUOTE(beckerg @ Nov 5 2007, 05:10 PM) Hi beckerg, Thanks for your suggestions. Your suggestions are included into the code along with some other changes. I am waiting for the testing to happen. Once tested, the updated code will be uploaded into the LAVA code repository.
  14. <p style="text-align: left;"><a class="noborder" href="http://lavag.org/old_files/monthly_11_2007/post-4279-1194047889.jpg" target="_blank"></a></p> A sample code to show the possibilities of LabVIEW +AJAX. To run, Download File:post-4279-1194047596.zip Unzip and copy the ajax_text.htm, diagram.js files to the following folder, <LabVIEW 8.x.x>\www\ Download File:post-4279-1194047580.vi Copy the mycgi.vi to the following folder, <LabVIEW 8.x.x>\www\cgi-bin\ now, start the G-Webserver ane surf the following link, <a href="http://localhost/ajax_test
  15. Allright.. Here goes the updation in the component. All nag screens has been removed..
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