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  1. No I think that you are right - the problem I had was that I needed some tools that were not available in the free subset. I misunderstood the post above, however I have solved it now. Once this project is out of the way I will tidy up my library and make it available on the forum. I don't know what the overhead of the picture control is? It seems to work well but like i mentioned I am not doing any heavy processing
  2. Hi guys, thanks for the help. I wasn't looking for any hard processing, simply overlaying some lines and making linear/angular measurements. In the end I managed to put together something quickly using picture controls. I will check out the recommended free toolkit for future use. Cheers
  3. Hi, I'm working on a project where I need to acquire images from a IDS uEye camera and display them on screen (simple enough). I am displaying the images using a LabVIEW image control and want to allow the user to make angle/linear measurements by clicking on different regions of interest on the image. I want the user to select multiple ROIs but I am not able to use the overlay or similar VIs as the end user does not want any runtime costs. Does anyone know of any free/download toolkits I can use, or know of a way to pick multiple ROIs using the free VIs/properties within LabVIEW. Also I would like to define where the second ROI starts based on the first ROI etc. Any thoughts? I can do this with the old picture controls however it is not very elegant. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated
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