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  1. QUOTE(rolfk @ Oct 24 2007, 04:26 PM) that solves most of my querries. thanks again!
  2. QUOTE(rolfk @ Oct 24 2007, 07:33 AM) well I could adjust the Lantronix, according to labview conversion as soon as I find out how it works. I am still far behind from understanding how the labview converts data to tcp/ip. I tried to follow some examples but i couldnt understand the main idea. is there a book or any online docs i could read? Thank you
  3. I am almost done with the hardware implementation of the project but I still have querries on the labview. The hardware part consist of an Lantronix matchport, Atmel Mega64 MCU, Stepper motor controller and a stepper motor. I ll define a serial protocol within the microcontroller, lets say for example the value x will make the motor perform a resolution. My question is how TCP/IP the conversion works? is it something de facto? The Lantronix offers a ethernet to serial conversion supporting the 802.11 b/g standards. Do I need anything else than my laptop with the already builtin wifi card? All I could find on the internet were based on micrcontrollers that run a labview exe clients. Thanks
  4. QUOTE(Born2Wire @ Sep 17 2007, 08:21 PM) thank you very much for your help.
  5. QUOTE(Born2Wire @ Sep 17 2007, 03:38 PM) that means that the student edition does not embed the toolkits I need? Labview developer edition is been provided from the university to me for free, since its already installed at the lab's pcs. I meant that if its sufficient to purchase the students edition so I can work at my private space. I dont mind if I purchase the addons for the hand held device, or a web separately. thank you
  6. WOW so many suggestions! Thank you both very much for your fast responce and your valuable advices. Its my final year project thats why I want to impress. I thought that it would be good idea to start with the wi-fi control using a single pc and then if I manage to finish early, to carry on with the webpage and the PDA. Few video-demo shows with labview its easy to generate a webpage and to tranform the vi to a handhelp compatible one as long as the vi is finished and operational. I aim to purchase the latest student version of the LabIEW. Am I going to be limited as far as concerns the addons? The project goes like that. There is a valve on the central heating and must be switched on/off. so using stepper motors and a wireless module to build a wireless actuator that toggles the valve between on and off states (I need a controller as well). I never though that I could run labview exe from a embedded system. so far I found that the (WLNG-AN-DP101 from the ) module could do the wireless part. But now I plan to research more about the new ideas you provided me. Thank you very much! Tharrenos
  7. Hi, I am kinda new to the whole scene. I want to design a wireless remote control of a central heating over Wi-Fi. Any suggestions would help. Thanks in advance.
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