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  1. Hi... I am looking for a timer that does not make the System "Wait". That is, just like works as "Wait Until Next ms Multiple" but accepts sub-ms values. This NI_timer hangs the labview uses full CPU time for the values greater than about 50 ms. I am trying to implement a generic watchdog timer that works for the values 12,5 or 22,5 for example. I have started to search the NI site but still cannot find. Is there any vi that handles this situation ? Thanks...
  2. It will be a Network connection, IP over 1394. The hardware is a special hardware, it is a type of multi function display unit.
  3. Hello everybody, I need to implement 1394 communication with labview, I had a third party 1394 card (a standard one sold in computer shops) and I have installed the NI-VXI but I dont know where to start and make a simple communication with the card. Thanks..
  4. Sorry for the late answer (my comp.&sw has changed) I mean clockwise and I have also tried the stacked way but the space between chars are too much in this way and I cannot write enough chars in my limited space. I want to write a definition to the 32 bits of a word, bits are aligned from right to left and I have to write some explaination to them, and I am trying to find some faster and easier way to handle these names. I currently use control captions (by using property nodes) and write data to each of 32bits individually. Thank You...
  5. Hello Everybody... Is there any way to write a Vertical text (for example a vertical string that is put in a array), this can be done in the captions of the controls but for each control, property node should be defined. Thank you... bulentt
  6. Thank you for your help... Actually I also want the title bar to be appear, in this case maybe I have to make a fake title bar on the panel. bulentt.
  7. Hello Everybody... I need to make the Front panel of my code unmovable, that is user cannot click and hold the blue bar to move the gui. It will be placed like a bar on the top of the screen and will stay there until program is closed. Before, I have done it by updating the coordinates of the front panel but this seems to me a bad way of handling this. Does anybody have an idea?
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