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  1. I have a VI that I am running to test firmware in a satellite modem. The next task is to develop a top level VI that will run this VI in three different instances. I am trying to come up with a way to do it and it is not trivial which is why I am on here looking for some advice. I have been messing around with queues to queue up the tests based on what buttons are pushed on the front panel. Basically for this discussion I want to be able to run the test at max three times simultaneously. I know the best way is probably to use the VI in Test Stand but I am trying to see if it is worth while bas
  2. I have been using Labview now for about 2 years. I work for a satellite communications company and develop test fixtures that test out our modem's firmware. This is mostly done using serial, ethernet, USB, and GPIB communications. I have really enjoyed what I have learned so far and I am looking forward to more. I take my Labview Intermediate I&II courses in April and probably a Test Stand course thereafter. I look forward to all of the training I can get as well as experience obviously. I came across LAVA by chance after not getting the anwers I needed from the NI forum. I did a Google se
  3. Thanks all for the advice with this topic. Michael - Your little piece of advice was helpful in that one of our s/w developers was taking a look at what you had suggested. That prompted him to inform me about a Linux utility called Netcat. This utility allows you to read and write data across network connections. This seems to be working fine. Again thanks for the help and fast response.
  4. OK here are the specifics - The DOS window that I am launching is cygwin. I work for a satellite communications company and I use Labview to test our modems firmware before release. A test that I perform is a program that our s/w developers wrote that passes udp traffic. It is written in Linux, which is our O/S on our modems, so I use cygwin to run the traffic program. So what I am trying to do is to start cygwin using system exec, send a command to start the test via the cygwin window, and monitor the traffic in another cygwin window on the receiving end. I know I can launch the cywin window
  5. Hi all - This is my first post here and I have been looking for some help with this problem I am having now for a couple of days. I have been trying different things along with using NIs website and cannot find a solution. I found this website after finally trying to see if Google could help out. Looks cool so far so let me give this a whirl. I am trying to launch a program using the system exec VI in my main VI. That part is easy. The next thing I am trying to do is to send commands within that window that is open. I have been trying virtual keyboards and things of that nature. I also have
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