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  1. I made a dll with labview.When i statically called that dll in vc++6.0,everything went on well. But error occured when i used loadlibrary() to call that dll dynamically. Is there any example about dynamically calling labview dll in vc++6.0? Thanks in advance! :worship:
  2. Details are described in my vi. Download File:post-449-1095844939.vi
  3. Hi,PJM_labview Thank for your help.It solved some of my problems,but how to get those refnums in another vi as Tunnel_Wiring_Wizard.vi does?Just to run Tunnel_Wiring_Wizard.vi ,select tunnels in another vi,then your can operate on its block diagram(need not to specific the target vi by its path or name manually) Hope i don not waste your too much time.Regards
  4. I have see this post before,but what puzzles me most is how to get the refnum specified to a certain object.For example,the nodes you selected in a block diagram or the vi's block diagram of which you are editing,how to get their refnums in another vi dynamicly.Only with this i can write a tool-vi to help programming when i am "drawing" with lv block diagram.
  5. I found some vi with contols in winXP style,but can found those controls in control palette.Does anybody kown where are they? :worship: Download File:post-449-1091111036.bmp
  6. Hi everyone,this gives me a deep insight with labview.I really want to know how to get the object and vi's refnums that with foucs as the vi above did,so i can write a vi to operate with the block diagram.(Sorry for my bad english,and best regards to everyone!)
  7. hi Michael Aivaliotis,thanks a lot,it really helps me a lot!
  8. When i install some thirdpart code-packs, it seems there is a .mnu file in every sub folder such as openG's toolset and Adlink's driver pack,and the .mnu files change automatically when their installed path changed. How to make this?And in openG toolsets there are some subvis that when it is put onto the diagram,there shows no vi's icon but vi's diagram block,i found this only related to its mnu file.I think this can be very useful.How can this be achieved? Download File:post-449-1090386869.bmp
  9. :worship: There are many .mnu files in the folder of \LabVIEW 7.0\user.lib,but when i open them in UltraEdit i have no idea what they consist of.So i just want to know what are they and how to make a .mnu file myself ,by labview or other editor?Thanks for help.
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