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  1. I am running a cRIO controller and want to access a VI front panel via Firefox (ver. I'm using labview 8.5 and the mozilla plugin "NPLV85win32.dll" is in the "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins" directory. When I launch Firefox and type the IP of the cRIO in the browser URL, the default Labview web server home page loads fine. But when I try to navigate to the page which embeds the VI front panel, Firefox shows me an almost-blank white page with only the URL in the upper left corner. Also the "View>>Page Source" menu item is greyed-out. I would expect if it was a plugin problem, most of the page would load and there would be a "missing plugin" frame where the VI panel should be. But all I get is this weird page with just the URL. The VI panel page loads fine with IE6. Anybody else see this problem?
  2. A logical cluster would be a terminal than can be placed on the diagram and then have controls/indicators added to it using a dialog box. This will eliminate the need for front panel objects to be placed into a cluster container and allow controls/indicators that are part of a cluster to be placed anywhere on the panel, including different pages of a tab control.
  3. I second the motion on this feature! I have been using "invisible" cluster arrays for years to create control lists, and have always been annoyed by the border thicknesses. I used Active X scrollbars and slider controls in the past before the scrollbar was added to the array control. In addition to being able to hide the borders, there should also be a label list or column/row header property available for the array control to eliminate the need to create free text column headers (or use the caption) for the array. QUOTE(robijn @ Mar 20 2007, 03:48 PM)
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