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  1. I am running a cRIO controller and want to access a VI front panel via Firefox (ver. I'm using labview 8.5 and the mozilla plugin "NPLV85win32.dll" is in the "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins" directory. When I launch Firefox and type the IP of the cRIO in the browser URL, the default Labview web server home page loads fine. But when I try to navigate to the page which embeds the VI front panel, Firefox shows me an almost-blank white page with only the URL in the upper left corner. Also the "View>>Page Source" menu item is greyed-out. I would expect if it was a plugin problem, most of the page would load and there would be a "missing plugin" frame where the VI panel should be. But all I get is this weird page with just the URL. The VI panel page loads fine with IE6. Anybody else see this problem?

  2. A logical cluster would be a terminal than can be placed on the diagram and then have controls/indicators added to it using a dialog box. This will eliminate the need for front panel objects to be placed into a cluster container and allow controls/indicators that are part of a cluster to be placed anywhere on the panel, including different pages of a tab control.

  3. I second the motion on this feature! I have been using "invisible" cluster arrays for years to create control lists, and have always been annoyed by the border thicknesses. I used Active X scrollbars and slider controls in the past before the scrollbar was added to the array control. In addition to being able to hide the borders, there should also be a label list or column/row header property available for the array control to eliminate the need to create free text column headers (or use the caption) for the array.

    QUOTE(robijn @ Mar 20 2007, 03:48 PM)

    Lately I was talking with a colleague about placing controls in a table. He showed me an application written in .NET or so which had a very nice table with all kinds of controls in it. The customer had asked him to create a similar application in LabVIEW.

    The usual trick with these kind of things is to take a classic array, "paint" it transparent, add a classic cluster and also "paint" that one transparently. When controls are placed in the invisible cluster, resizing the array will result in a nice list of these controls, without any array or cluster borders visible. In LV8 the scrollbar on the array makes things even nicer !

    Unfortunately between the array elements a gap of some 15 pixels is always present. That is an awful lot of space. The front panel starts to look as if someone did not have the time to complete his job and up to half the screen space can be wasted. So my colleague was not very happy that he could not make it as nice as the .NET app, not even by far.

    Now if only we could resize the borders of the array and cluster to ZERO thickness, then we did not even have to make them transparent...


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