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  1. The arguements which i m paasing in this dll r 1. signed 16 bit int 2. signed 16 bit int 3. signed 16 bit int 4. array->signed 16 bit 5. array->signed 16 bit whenever i return cc[j] , it also gives the same error wat can be d prob with this Thanks in advance Pooja
  2. Dear members, I want to call external code through CIN. it demands *.lsb file . but when i follow the steps according to link"How to build a .lsb file" then there r 0 errors and 0 warnings.but lsb file cannot be made . it asks us in project->settings->custom build->build commands->"<your Cintools path>win32\lvsbutil" "$(TargetName)" -d "$(WkspDir)\$(OutDir)" i fill it this "<c:\Program files\national Instruments\LabVIEW 6.1\cintools>win32\lvsbutil" "$(TargetName)" -d "$(WkspDir)\$(OutDir)" i mean to say that what is target name and wat is wkspdir plz suggest
  3. Dear members, Whenever I call a dll to multiply two matrices in labview, it crashes. plz tell me what can be problem , i m ataching the .cpp file #include "matrix1.h" #include "stdafx.h" #define DllExport __declspec(dllexport) extern "C" DllExport void mult(int x,int y,int z,int aa[10][10],int bb[10][10]) { int i,j,k,cc[10][10]; printf("Result of Matrix Multiplication"); printf("\n"); for(i=0; i<x; i++ ) for(j= 0; j<y; j++ ) cc[j] = 0; for(i=0; i<x; i++ ) for(j=0; j<y; j++ ) for(k=0; k<z ; k++ ) { cc[j] += aa[k]*bb[k][j];
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