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  1. Thank you very much for making this clear. Still I am wondering what if I make 6 different workbooks and them combine all them into one. Like I open first workbook and loads data of second workbook into first one. Then close the second workbook open third and append its data into first and so on. Is this possible using labview? It is certain that I can not read entire workbook once rather copying one sheet into another would be feasible. To make clear what am I intending to kindly refer this page. http://smallbusiness.chron.com/merge-excel-worksheets-workbook-54664.html From step1 to step7
  2. yeah with 20 column it do work fine however I need to make 64 column in each sheet it does not take much memory in my RAM (700 to 900 MB). My system specification is 8 GB RAM and windows 7 64 bit os. Now If I create 6 workbook it run charm but the problem is 6 sheet in one workbook.
  3. It works charm with me too till two Excel sheet. But as soon as third come in to picture it starts giving an error. The code uses only 720MB only. It does not have any problem if I bring down number of column data to 0.45M and raise number of sheet. The problem is having 0.6M data in a column and work with 6 sheets.
  4. Thank you very much for your concern, I actually said each column has 6 lacs(600000) data that makes total 0.23 billion samples and I believe excel can accommodate 600000 rows. I dont know exactly but is this possible ??
  5. Hello Crelf, I do get the same error with excel report generation. I deal with a large number of data (2 columns with 6 lacs in each). I append such 64 columns in 6 sheets. However to work efficiently I dont write all data at same time rather I append just 2 column at same time. Though during 3rd sheet its starts giving this error. can you please tell me how should I deal with this ?? Your help will be truly appreciated.
  6. I am trying to bind Indicator using DSTP server that gets data from Yudian controller AI706M. I want to get this data through yudian OPC server. when I do this in labview 7.1 version with windows XP OS, I get option of yudian OPC server from browse menu available at Indicator's property and It works but with Labview 2012 and window 7 I am not getting this option ?? I would appreciate your help on this. Thank You
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