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  1. Dear all, I am recent graduated in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from a british university and i have a general question for people like me and those with more experience in labview. My first contact with labview was during my third year (04-05) at university. I then continued on to use labview for my fourth year group project. In order to be able to program with LV, I completed courses LV Basics 1 and 2. However, since my skills in software engineering are pretty limited (the only programming i know is soldering!!!) and what i required to do for my project was beyond what the above courses had to offer, i got really frustrated. The university library had a few books on Labview and i contemplated on buying a book or two to help me with my project. However, from the prevoius year i had already understood that most (if not all) of the books published, do not really teach you how to program in labview. Most of the books have titles like 'Learning with labview', or 'Instrumentation and Control application with labview', or 'DSP and labview'. These books might be ok for a beginner or for someone who is looking for some specific topic, but not for someone who wants to improve his LV skills in general . What i am trying to say is that I am looking to extent my knowledge in labview. However, LV course Intermediate 1 and 2 cost an extorsoniate ~1700 britsish pounds. That is more than i pay for 1 years university fees (1100 only)!!!!! My question to all you, including all the NI personel is how do they expect to make labview more popular (and get the next generation of engineers/programmers to use it) since not enough (or not the right) books are out there and their courses cost a small fortune (for a student). Also, from what i know very few universities in britain teach labview as a module and if they do its probably at a masters level (see Manchester Msc in Instrumentation engineering). I do understand that 1700 pounds might not be that much for a company to send you on trainning, but for students like me (and many people in academia e.g. researchers ) this constitutes a major problem. I am assuming that american uni's might offer courses in LV from the 1st year of study, but this is not the case in bristish ones. The fact is that the books publish on LV, which are meant to teach LV, are not up to the standard they should. What i mean by this is that LV basics 1&2 were so well written (they were of incredible help to me) and i can not find anything as good as those two courses, in order to continue on the same learning curve. Does anyone know of any good books (above level LV basics 1&2)? I need LV Intermediate 1&2. Here is my email address. If any one can give some advice please contact me at bogiasac@msn.com . I hope this generates some positive comments and possible actions. Please forgive me if i hit the nerve of some people in this forum. All the best Alex
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