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  1. I assigned File Dialog path to 4 other file paths when i run the program, it prompts to me to "Save As" may i know what's wrong ?
  2. the program was reading the serial device, while reading it stops reading may i know how to overcome this problem ?
  3. mine is not a 2 D array, i'm just reading the data frrom a file thanks a lot for the help though may i know how to go about doing it ?
  4. i have another question eg) Row a 1 2 Row b 3 4 Row c 5 6 if i would like to obtain the values for column 1 and 2 for row a, may i know how could i go about doing it ?
  5. i'm planning to read from a netoworking switch, i'm planning to get the counters information from the switch and write it to a file. i have already seen the examples from the file\ hope someone could shed some light on this
  6. this is the updated file that i have done, i have made minor changes to the timeout , i hope you guys could check it for me and inform me about the necessary changes thanks Download File:post-19-1088410698.vi
  7. when i change the timeout operation, am i supposed to change the timeout operation at the VISA Configure ? if i'm suppoosed to change that, i have already done it, but is still giving me the same error, i hope someone could shed some light on this thanks
  8. thanks a lot mine is a sender receiver so all i have to do is to increase the timeout limit at tthe beginning of the program ? i have attached my file for better understanding i have an additional question, may i know how could i print out the C: prompt in MS-DOS on the screen ?? i could send commands and look at the results, but i would love to see the prompt printing to my files too, may i know how to go about doing it ? thanks Download File:post-19-1088384949.vi
  9. { Error -1073807339 occurred at VISA Read in Serial Read((Write Commands From File)7.vi Possible reason(s): VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF0015) Timeout expired before operation completed. } i have been getting this error pretty often i only managed to get a portion of the data that i would like to obtain from the device hope you all could help me explain this problem, thanks you thanks a lot for helping me out previously
  10. 1) regarding the textbox, i would like the messages to store in it, so i could use the scrollbar to look at the previous messages is there any way of doing that ?? 2) my device sents out lots of information through a serial port, but my program seems to capture only a small portion of the entire data. may i know how to overcome this problem and capture the entire problem ?
  11. I have 2 major problems, I hope you guys could assist me on it I'm working on a project reading data from a device 1) I have no clue how to create a textbox with scroller where i could look back at previous information (information read from the buffer) 2) i would like to clear the buffer whenever is full, i have no clue how to do it i hope you guys could help me out on it thanks
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