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  1. Is there a way to create names for unnamed wires before they are bundled so Unbundle By Name can be used? I have 7 image wires coming out of a subVI, and I am wanting to modify the subVI to output only a cluster of the images so it can be passed around the main app easier. I experimented by bundling the outputs (outside the subVI). Unbundling that cluster by name works (the wires are named the same as the outputs of the subVI). So I tried bundling those same wires within the subVI, passing the cluster out, and then unbundled by name outside the subVI. The wires are all named "New Image" b
  2. I often use "Find" to see where a control/indicator is being written to by using the right-click pop-up menu. That means I have to look through ALL the locals, global references, and property nodes to make sure I find them all. It would be extremely helpful to include an option to look for only writes or only reads, and that option would pick up on all locals, global references and property nodes at once for that control/indicator. That way, a quick glance at the Search Results would be all that is needed to verify a control/indicator is being changed from only one location, etc. Also, the
  3. The triangles with dots are inverters (a common IC). OC means open collector. You would have to use an inverter with an open collector type output (these are also common) for what is pictured in fig 5. You can also use NAND or NOR gate chips as inverters by connecting both inputs of each gate together. I looked at the link you gave for ni.com, and this is what I gave for feedback on that page: ************ In fig 5 I am not sure what D0-D7 are. Are they D0-D7 of the parallel port? If so, why are you connecting them to status and control lines on the same port, especially when you are
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