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  1. As you know, Yes! i have some slides on our development that are going to be presented at the next NIDays in Lausanne. I will post the appropriate link in this forum, as soon as they will be available. I have made my own list of "hints" based on a few months of development on the system PXI7831R. Regards Piero
  2. Hi, i am currently facing the following problem: i have coordinates of points lying on a 2D plane, the coordinates are collected in two different reference frames which are rotated by an angle which is not exactly known. i would like to extract the angle by minimization of a function built on the basis of the point coordinates and the rotation parameter, to be minimized with respect to the rotation parameter (simple chi2 built on the metric distance). being a non-linear function in the rotation angle parameter, i feel i should use the non-linear levenberg Marquardt fit routines (under L
  3. Hi, i am currently experimenting on the more efficient way to transfer data (16K array with 16bit words) from the FPGA extended memory to the RT controller. Up to now, single words transfers and interrupt handshaking appears to me the best way....any suggestions? the creation of an intermediate array control, for example, has an enormous compilation time and i doubt is the more efficient way. I am not able to map a control onto the extended memory directly.....Please let me know of any suggestion, Best Regards Piero Zucchelli
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