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  1. yes, it is not possible to register anymore. i tried the application but the digital waveform does still not work (even in the provided example). Could that be because of labview 2012? (or in my case right now 2013. cause i dont have the same system @ home) could you maybe upload the last file from the thread? -> Get_Default_Data_from_TD_JK_01.zip
  2. little update: i searched in the old openg forum and they are talking about the problem i have: http://forums.openg.org/index.php?showtopic=62&st=0&p=154&hl=+digital%20+waveform&fromsearch=1entry154 unfortunatly i cant open any files provided because the forum is closed
  3. Hi, i am fairly new to OpenG (and labview in general). I wanted so save my whole frontpanel using openg variant configuration file. The saving to the file works so far, but when i try to load the file i get an error (see attachment). I think the problem is the digital waveform. I cant upload the ini file, and i dont know if i am allowed to upload the whole vi. In the ini files there are some control characters inside the data of the waveform graph. how can i get around this problem?
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