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  1. jaw

    please help me

    thanks thanks thanks thanks
  2. jaw

    please help me

    thanks alot for your help
  3. hi all i got a question hope u all wont laugh at me. i like to ask is labview able to capture data from microsoft excel and use the data to do some programming??? plaease advice. thanks alot :worship:
  4. hi everyone i have a problem here which i really cant solve. this programme actually is my sequence programme but i need to add a stop button to stop the operation at any one of the flat sequence i tried but cant solve. anyone knows please help me. THANKS in advance :worship: Download File:post-4922-1147143769.vi
  5. hmm do u know how to create latching circuit using labview?? please advise
  6. i thank you for your time to help me, but some how this one like not wad i needed. :worship:
  7. so how do i create local variable in lv?
  8. this is one that i tried but does not meet the requirement of my project needs. mine is more like making it a latching circuit and run step by step. Download File:post-4922-1146794379.vi
  9. i did read through all the basics already. but i did not see any that could run in sequence. i need one that is able to light up one by one.something like when you finish this step the task is complete it will go on to the next step. please help me please. i only have 1 week left.
  10. please help me if u can. cause i have been trying hard but to no avail... :headbang:
  11. :worship: hi all!i am a newbie to labview and really need help for my final year project. i need to solve this exercise relevant to my project. i have to light up 5 leds in sequence. each time only one turn on. e.g. first light up, followed by second and the rest off, followed my third led on the rest off. and the same for 4th and 5th. any kind ones who knows please do and post me the VI asap in the forum. thanks a lot.
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