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  1. Hi, Something was wrong in LabVIEW but I don't know what. I've installed again LabVIEW in the computer and now I can create executable files without any problems. Bye.
  2. Hello, I've tried to compile a very easy VI that has only a while loop that executes every one second and whose iteration number is displayed in an indicator (I've attached it) but I've got the same problem. Maybe the Application Builder is wrong. I've repaired Application Builder from 'Control Panel -> Add and Remove programs' but I obtain the same error in compiling process. Download File:post-4923-1168942793.vi
  3. I use the 7.1 version of LabVIEW. All of the dynamic files are VIs. I'm going to try to compile in another computer.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to make an executable file but I recive the following error message:Error 1003 occurred at Open VI Reference in Dist Copy Non-VI Files.vi->Dist Build LLB Image.vi->Dist Build App Image.vi->Build Application.viPossible reason(s):LabVIEW: The VI is not executable. Does anyboy know the reason for this message? Thanks.
  5. Thanks Jim & Jimi for your answers. Bye.
  6. Hello everybody, I don't use variant data type because I haven't got information about it and I don't know when, how and why use this kind of data type. So, can anybody say me something about the use of variant. Thanks.
  7. Hello JFM, One question about your idea. What happens if the RT fieldpoint was controlling a critical process in a factory during the period of time the module is unloaded and loaded again?. With software of PLCs like Siemens, OMRON, ABB, Allend-Bradley, Phoenix Contact... this can be done very easy. So, I think that NI can implement this characteristic to the Real-Time Module: To change some pieces of code on-line when you are debugging the program but while the application is running in the real target. Bye
  8. Hi, I use PLCs at work and with these elements you can do some little changes in the code when you are connected online with your development PC to the PLC althoug the PLC is running the application. In the case of RT fieldpoint isn't possible, if there is the neccesity of doing any change because the program isn't executing correctly in running mode, you must stop the execution, do the change, compile and download again to the RT target. This is not possible in a lot of situations in the industry where a machine can't be stopped. Bye Note: I'm talking about NI Labview Real-Time Module.
  9. Thanks Mark and Mike, There's an Icon Editor that can be downloades from NI web which has been modified by people in OpenG forum. This Editor, I think, that might suite me. I've got a problem, Mark, with the VI you attach in the topic 'using your own Icon Editor in LV8, LV8 allow your to use your personal icon editor' because I'm using LabVIEW v7.1 and I can't open them. Thanks again Mark and Mike.
  10. Hi, I've got some VIs that have a text in common in their icons but I would like to change that text because I'm going to use that VIs in another part of the project. So, how can I change that text programmatically in all VIs that are in the same directory?. I know it's possible because in the GOOP Developer program they do. Thanks,
  11. Hello Osvaldo, Thanks for posting this executable file. It is a very easy and simple solution to get the Id of the hard disk. The only problem I've seen is that the output of the command is not direct so I must use String functions to get the HardDisk_Id that is the only what I want. Thanks again.
  12. Hello Mezga, All controls and indicators in LabVIEW have got a property to do them visible or no in the front panel. The name of the property is 'Visible' and to change it you must create a 'property node' of the indicator or control. I attach you a very simple example. Bye, Download File:post-4923-1150377772.vi
  13. I suppose that you're right. I only wanted to start to use WMI because it's very useful to communicate with MS Windows OS. With WMI you can do a lot of things with the same interface.
  14. Hi, With SMTP VIs of NI it's necesary to put some parameters like server address and that it's supposed to be configured en the client's computer if he's got internet conection. I wanted to do easier the client's life to send me some information to my company by an e-mail. I don't know the configuration of his SMTP server. I've done an VI who opens the user's default program to send e-mails with some parameters. It uses two dlls: user32.dll and shell32.dll. Within this dlls I use only two functions and their explanations are in the VI. The text is from Microsoft website: http://msdn.mi
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