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  1. Crelf, I don't know if you're being serious or not, but since I got chewed out by Mike for showing a messy VI, I've tried to ask simple questions and given clear examples. These simple things play big role in an application I am trying to develop. See, I write C++ and Java, so my boss thinks that I can write Labview and that's why I am assigned with some labview projects and not sent to any training course. So I appreciate any help I can get. Dan, sorry for falsely accusing your VI not working. But I still think the Enabling Index will work better for me if I can make it work. MC
  2. Thank you Dan, but I don't think your program works the way I want it. The max and min results did not look right because they were greater than 1. The RNG should give numbers between 0-1. Also I've written my program in such a way that using Enabling Index is the most simplest way and I like to make it work that way. Thank you. MC
  3. Crelf and Mike, What I want to do is to to take a bunch of data points on my N part and then a bunch of points on my S part, then calculate some statistical vaules such as max and min. So I used the Enabling Index concept and it seemed to work. However I kept getting 0 for the min and I am not sure why. Please help. Meo Cop Download File:post-4960-1161363802.vi
  4. Thank you all for helping me. You guys are great!!! MeoCop
  5. Re- attach the test.vi MC Check out the VI again. That's my solution to my problem. The code is horrible, but it does the job. Pleae share a better way of doing this if you think up one. Make sure you use capital N or S. Thank you, MC Download File:post-4960-1160000195.vi Download File:post-4960-1160002038.vi
  6. Mike, - You're absolutely right that my code is a mess and unreadable - You're wrong that this is school/course work Attached is a simplified version. Basically depending on the user input (N or S), I want to plot on the Norht or South graph. I have two analog signals, one used for x and one for y. I use 2 RG in their places in the code. Where I am stuck is in the False case, I don't know how to wire. Your help is appreciated. Meocop Download File:post-4960-1159988801.vi
  7. Hello, In my application, I have two xy graphs, one for the North and the other for the South. So depending on what the user input is (N or S), I want to plot the information on the correspondent graph. I used Match True/False string to capture the user input, then use a Case structure to pass my information to the correspondent graph. I does not work. Please see my attached VI and help!!! Download File:post-4960-1159977483.vi
  8. Mike and Dave, thank you. Both ways worked. It's great. MC
  9. Hello, I am working on a simple excersise. I'd like to automatically reset my Total (please refer to my attached VI) to 0 (basically resetting my shift register to 0) when it reaches a certain value, let say 20. Could anyone help me make that happen? I am stuck. Thanks, MC Download File:post-4960-1156894826.vi
  10. meocop

    Counting Events

    Gary, Yeah I know that I did not explain clearly what I am trying to do here. But believe, your program helped me get my project done, at leat I am 90% sure at this point. I need to test it over and over to make sure there are no glitches. People on this website are awsome. Thanks Gary. MC
  11. meocop

    Counting Events

    Thanks again Pete. I know some more about my hardware. Well I thought of something and now turn my problem in to this: let say I want to compare two successive signals, and if the first signal is zero and the second signal is not zero, I'll increase my count by 1. Would you help modify my program? I am sweating over here as dealine is around the corner. I use a random number generator in place of my signal. Thanks in advance. Download File:post-4960-1150825099.vi
  12. meocop

    Counting Events

    Pete, I think this is what I have: AMUX 64T hooked up to a SC2050 cable adapter board (these two boards sit in an electrical box), sort of acting like a enclosed connector block. I also have a ATMIO 16E10 board sitting in my computer. Regardless of the hardware though, I don't feel comfortable with using a timer because something can happen to my process that will throw the timer off. I am thinking about something like a gate switch or event trigger or something of that nature, but I don't have a good knowlege on any of those things. Thanks for trying to help Pete. MC
  13. meocop

    Counting Events

    I have an old NI Amux 64I card. Yeah I am aware of all the problems you mentioned, but I don't know how to "tell my program to count once", to use your phrase. Using a timer does not work for me because my process is not stable ( I mentioned above that the cycle duration is not constant). Using a comparator (greater or less than a certain value) does not work either because my signal fluctuates a bit. Can you tell me how to count just once per cycle? Thank you. MC
  14. meocop

    Counting Events

    I forgot to attach the VI, sorry. Here it is. Thanks. Download File:post-4960-1150757490.vi
  15. meocop

    Counting Events

    Hello, This is sort of a follow up question to my previous post "Keeping Count". Thanks for your help, I now know how to use shift registers to keep count. I am running into a bit of a problem with a real application here at work. I have a pulsing voltage signal that goes from 0 to roughly 4.5 volt and goes back to zero, counting as a cycle. For each cycle the peak is not constant, nor is the duration of the cycle. What else do I need to do to count the cycles when timer and comparators don't do the job?? Thx, MC
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