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  1. The Source Code from our CLA Summit Presentation https://github.com/wirebirdlabs/links LabVIEW Links Browser

  2. Privacy concerns aside, @nest is terrible at keeping temperature

  3. Why the Internet of Things narrative has to change http://t.co/cyPel75kQz via @thenextweb #IoT #InternetOfThings #m2m

  4. Visual database creation in @structr could be an awesome complement to #LabVIEW #IoT

  5. [VIDEO] #LabVIEW Web Service - interactive web app with source code http://t.co/VgM9jGl5kM #niweek #webdev #webapp #javascript

  6. Hardware accelerated arbitrary waveform generator in HTML5 http://t.co/YmtI3NdVTM

  7. #drupal and engineering! http://t.co/I9WsqLuCSJ "Stand back I'm going to try Science!"

  8. "The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine"

  9. "His habits are indicative of a person who has figured out how to make his brain function at a very high level." http://t.co/oOwH5FzchE

  10. Working on a new type of keyboard based on accelerometer data. http://t.co/GsRLZvDUYn

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