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  1. I just started developing a LabVIEW 2013 driver for MongoDB . Currenly working with JSON only. https://github.com/3esmit/LabVIEW-MongoDB Name: LabVIEW MongoDB Category: Database LabVIEW Version: 2013 License Type: BSD MongoDB Is a NoSQL database. It store documents in collections instead rows in tables. Tow collection documents don't need to have the same structure, and a document can store another document or an array of documents. Each document is persisted with "_id" containing a special type called ObjectID. This lvclass deals with .NET dlls drivers from version Later versions maybe cannot be used (I could'nt make them work in anyway) since LabVIEW 2013 ignores important functions from later drivers maybe for not supporting some .NET feature it uses. The driver got a bug in list collections that is worked around in the lvclass method. Features: Deamon Start/Shutdown Insert Document Find by ObjectID Aggegate List databases & collections Create Collection Remove by ObjectID Find by Regex Find By Equal Get Document Part Update Set Insert Variant Planned features Find Variant Aggregate to Variant LVOOP ObjectID LVOOP BSON LVOOP Query LVOOP Aggregate
  2. Hello, I am using your awesome library. I'm in need of organizing the document JSON to String by the order I want, so I can present with a user friendly output. If 'Names Order' String Array is not empty, JSON Object.Flatten will interate over it with get variant attribute, getting only the avaliable attributes with those names in array. Known bugs: - that this change still not affect nested documents, this could be easly implemented by accepting at Names Order with dot separed for accecing sub documents. This feature is planned to be added in future, if you feel challegned to do so, please contribute. - JSON Value class, and in other childs should do something with this input. I'm looking for a repository to pull request, but seems like there is none (https://bitbucket.org/tcplomp/json-api-labview is 404), so I created one https://github.com/3esmit/JSON-LabVIEW/ It would be cool if LAVA had all repos in github, just like JKI is already doing.
  3. Can you add by default the function last insert rowid? I always add this function in your API. https://www.sqlite.org/capi3ref.html#sqlite3_last_insert_rowid
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