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  1. This compatibility list is a great idea and will definitely reduce any uncertainties and confusion with what hardware has been tested.
  2. Thank you everyone! This was a great discussion and extremely helpful.
  3. Does LabVIEW Community Edition support Raspberry Pi Zero W?
  4. Thanks for the response. I added some more diagnostics code and was thinking about adding the flush as well. Thanks for your help.
  5. I am seeing a problem that randomly one of four groups does not get written to the TDMS file. I have buffering on. Has anyone seen this intermittent problem and know how to fix it?
  6. Thanks for the quick reply and that makes sense why some of the timing is close to zero. I will definitely go watch that video, I missed it at NI Week. I moved all of the controls and indicators outside of the sequence structure, but it didn't change the result that the speed improvements are not there when the value array indicators are present. I am still curious why this is the case?
  7. Thanks for the feedback. By incorporating your feedback, I discovered that I got similar speed improvements to your speed test if I do not show the returned values as array indicators. If I showed the indicators the IPE and Get Variant Attribute were pretty similar if not the same. I also discovered that if I don't show the array indicators or the variant as indicators then my test times were basically zero. Attached is my VI showing these behaviors. Lookup Table.vi
  8. I created a benchmark VI using the example VI as a reference, but the IPE actually took longer than the Get Variant Attribute. Attached is my VI, default values show my test results. I would be interested in knowing why it appears to take longer. Lookup Table Compare.zip
  9. I just wanted to follow up that if I use the VI for data member access instead of a property node before the save for previous then the problem goes away.
  10. Hello, I am trying to save a LV project created in LV 2012 to the previous version of LV 2010, but when I try to open the VIs in LV 2010 the data member access property nodes are broken and LV is unresponsive. I can manually add a new property node and delete the old property, but LV is still unresponsive. I wanted to see if anyone else has run into this issue. Thanks, Russell
  11. The problem came back and I discovered what was causing this issue. There is another dll file that the vendor's dll is calling with a relative path. In order for LabVIEW to find this other dll properly I had to place it into the same folder where the LabVIEW.exe is installed.
  12. Thanks for your response, Answer to your first question - yes Answer to your second question - haven't tried renaming the dll or built an executable yet. I am unable to reproduce the problem today. Russell
  13. Thanks for your response, I have tried hardcoding the path and passing it into the DLL. It is working properly from the LV project today and I did not change anything. I know when I get this error I have to shutdown LV and run the vendor's VB example program before the error is cleared. There is something strange with the way this DLL is interacting with LV. I am just worried because I am not getting consistent results. Russell
  14. I am calling a dll from a call library function node inside a LV Class. If I run the VI from Windows Explorer then the call library function node executes successfully. However if I try to run the VI from a LV project then I get an error message saying the specified module can not be found. Anyone know what might be causing this issue? Thanks, Russell
  15. I spoke to the vendor this afternoon and it turns out there is an additional function that has to be called in order to get the results (i.e. correct output values). So it appears to be working now. Thanks for the help, Russell
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