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  1. Thank you for answers. The problem is solved. Poor diagnostics of LabView Data Socket mechanism was really confusing in this case. The icon shown that variable is "Active: Connected to OPC Server" while it was not. I have used Server Explorer from http://www.opcconnect.com/freecli.php and then reconfigured everything in CodeSys OPC Server configuration and firewall.
  2. down vote favorite I have OPC server on CodeSys. I am trying to read variables using LabView. I have tried two options: using DataBinding to OPC Variables in controls using DataSocket Open, Read, Write, Close VI LabView returns no error. When I use data binding control it is green and the message is "Active: Connected to OPC server". Unfortunately when I force variables in CodeSys i see no changes in LabView.
  3. I have attached files saved for LabVIEW 2011. I run code on standard OS and Hardware (Win7 on PC). I know that it do not guarantee real time, but as I've mentioned in camera manufacturer acquisition goes with required and constant frame rate. I suppose that this LabVIEW code can be done better. Unfortunately I do not know too much how LabVIEW executes the code under the hood. minimal_camera_code.vi minimal_camera_code2.vi
  4. I'm trying to make simple program for acquisition from camera. I'm using framegrabber and LabView wrapper delivered by its manufacturer. 1. In first version (minimal_camera_code.vi) grabbing from camera time is very high and is not constant (camera is set to constant frame rate = 5ms, in framegrabber manufacturer software acquisition goes with 200 fps) After adding delay (fig. 2b) it is better but after some frames, acquisition time is not constant (fig. 2a) 2. In second version (minimal_camera_code2.vi) grabbing time is constant and is exacly 1ms after adding "Wait until next multiple ms" = 25ms (adding shorter delay gives effects similar to described in point 1). I think that problems are connected with loops and are connected with misunderstanding of this code execution. What are your suggestions for implementing this piece of code? I want grabbing frames with constant frame rate. minimal_camera_code.vi minimal_camera_code2.vi
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