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  1. Thanks for the two advices i think i'm going to use both. I'm doing some progress but the result will probably work only for my XML-Schema or very similar schemata. Up to know my VI-Script creates a lot of nice combo boxes from my xs:simple types. @Eric: I tried to use these labview functions Album: LabSeb 1 images 0 comments but the didn't work for XML-Schemata. Instead i used some loops. They will be replaced by this invoke node.
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  3. Hi Joe, thanks for you reply. I stumbled over VI-Scripting a few days ago but it's still all new to me. I'll have a closer look to your INI script as an example- Sebastian
  4. Hi, i'm trying to read and write XML-Files with LabView. I figured out that JKI EASY XML helps a lot. Still i have to create a cluster describing the structure of the XML-File i want to read or write. I have a large XML-Schema describing the structure of the XML-File. Is there any way to create the cluster automatically? The manual work would be a lot of effort. I thought about creating the cluster dynamically but it seems to be not possible within labview. Another option could be to edit the .vi file using other software/programming language but at least with a text editor i couldn't achieve readable code. Is the file format documented? Any ideas? Thanks Sebastian
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