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  1. Hello, I'm currently trying to step the frequency in intervals, i.e for the first 10 cycles I want the frequency to be [1,2,3,...,10], this was easily implemented using a shift register. But after the 10 cycles I want the step to be increased by 10, so the output with be [10,20,...100], and then [100,200,...,1000] etc. Appreciate any help. Regards Andreas
  2. I've tried for hours now, still cant get it to work :/
  3. To rephrase it: I want the value to be updated when I click an other row.
  4. Hey again. Almost done with the program now, the only problem now is that you have to click once in order to write the value and one more time to set it. If i click once and then write the value, and click at another row, the error handling will not execute. What event should i chose in order to fix this? Regards Asotop Hydraulic Pressure units.vi
  5. Normally when you run the labview file, all the grid lines show in the background. But in your code it doesn't show.
  6. Nice It looked really nice, how did you get the execution to become like that by the way?
  7. Thanks, i will check it out. By the way, do you think an object oriented approach would be better? I have to handle a large amount of valves / sensors etc.
  8. Hello. I'm currently working on a bachelor assignment and I've encountered a problem. As you can see by the picture the only column and i want to control is the "Control" column. Im sure of MCL is even the best solution to what im trying to achieve. In the code i've made a event handler, so i was atleast able to edit the items in the selected cell. Would appreciate any help. Regards Asotop MCL test.vi
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