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  1. Thank you for the details, I'll try the script method. Cristian
  2. Thank you. I've tested several way of writting like you suggested but nothing seems to be working...
  3. Hello. How can you allow only one instance of an executable on linux? I've tried to add allowmultipleinstances=False in the config file, and it does not work. In Windows it works perfectly... Thanks! Cristian
  4. Hello I am writing a Linux applications that should have the following characteristics : - start as a background process at system start-up (before user log in) - no taskbar element - have a GUI (launched by user) for changing some parameters - possibility to show some messages to user (alarms, errors) I thought of building a shared library (embeded) with an infinite loop that does the process, and another application that contains the GUI and implement some kind of communication between them. How should I start the process at start-up? I am pretty new to linux, so any suggestion will b
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